What is your fav Team in 1.0.7?

With three Webspinner, the Prismatic Orb (or a 4. Webspinner) and a lillte bit of luck and patience i can even win in Warlord 2 and 3.

But i’m sure there are even better teams we can build…

What are your opinions? Which ideas do you have? ;D


My defense is 4 Webspinners right now.
And without meaning any offense, I believe your team illustrates perfectly how the new system failed to address the “problem” of Webspinner and similar builds.

yes i know, but i don’t think it’s only the webspinner…

you can put any card four times in a team to get maximum of bonuses. like type-bonus, +25 mana-mastery, and the others. cards, that create the own mana-type, are even better.

Gorgotha isn’t bad either.

Or putting a couple of Webspinners in with a couple of Goblins:
Webspinner/Webspinner/Goblin Shaman/Hobgobin

Webspinner team is too powerful mode invasion and in defense mode

A video in difficulty warlord IV: easy to win :unamused:

It’s the same way in defense mode, i didn’t lose a game

No favorite team, cause the game basically decided teams for you already due to the new bonusses.

If you don’t have triple shadow dragon, webspinner, Kerberos etc, you are out of luck. And if you still need to lvl kingdoms, good luck getting these from iron keys haha.

I do agree. Everything this new system currently does is mock everyone who is not using multiple webspinners.

Four venoxias is really good too. Any combination of four legendary is good

It took you too long to win, try Venoxia*3 + Celestasia.

Anything without Legendaries like always :stuck_out_tongue:

Sadly this is putting me at a great disadvantage but I don’t care. I never really liked legendaries.

I don’t have it to lvl15 yet, but to keep with the theme:

Hero(Prismatic orb)

3x undead = +1 magic, and 3x Khetar = +1 magic.

Wight will do 8 true damage, and gain 8 life. Hero will create 12 red/blue gems. However, with all of the life bonuses, my experience with true damage so far has been terrible. The Wights can still be tanky though with all of the life gain.

I tried out the 3x Webspinner/Prismatic orb combo and found it mind numbingly boring. Having much more fun with a ‘Goblin’ team and a ‘Wildfolk’ team, both of which qualify for hefty but different bonuses at start of match.

I’m doing it with the Autmn Imp. I call it the Mel Team. :stuck_out_tongue:

i have the cards you describe - but i love my green seer, goblin shaman, gob, hobgob. +6 for life and +2 attack. even the green seer does a bunch of damage… and i only have 1 lvl 10 kingdom.

I don’t get the “Mel” reference @Archenassa… I saw it in one of your guides also…

That’s @melkathi - sorry, it’s just an imp joke. :stuck_out_tongue:

You have to post more Sammy.
I have restricted my imp comments to the Imps’ Lounge - the part of the forum restricted to people with @Archenassa 's posting habits :smile:

I will, I use to post quite a lot the first year, but I took a long break…
I’ll catch-up… Eventually… Since I really want that “reader” badge!

Same here, but I read and read and read… still no badge :smile:)
I even read every one of the entries in that magi-key giveaway thread :slight_smile:

Oh god, I did that too and it didn’t even worked. :stuck_out_tongue:

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