Webspinner - Let's fight back!

I have been having good results against multiple webspin and mult venoxia teams with this one which has a good colour spread and works mainly by depriving green/blue gems.
Bear Totem (hero) - Removes all green gems which boosts magic gain.
Glade Warden - Removes green gems.
Terraxis - Transforms blue gems to brown which helps refill Bear Totem and deprives Webspinny.
Atlanta - Mops up with 7 damage to all.
Worth a bash for 50g if you get a webspin team in defence and can be a lot of fun!

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Try trading Atlanta for Dark Song.

I decided not to go for dark song because a) even with double hit she wont take down a spinner in one go b) I found multiple hits worth 28 points in all worked out better in this build.
Thanks for the feedback :smile:

Hero (eternal flame), alchemist, Valkyrie and banshee works just fine too, Webspinner and Venoxia can’t hurt you if keep stringing all those “extra turn” together… :slight_smile:

This works great if your not facing a team of spinners with 16 attack…

No, it actually works great all the time.

Just set the banner to double red (Proud banner) and you can start getting your “extra turn” as soon as you make 2 3-red gem matches.

Not you darkness, esslee’s team. I can’t figure out how to quote on mobile.

l’ll definately give that one a go Darkness. There are so many Webby teams at the mo it will be nice to have a set of anti web teams to choose from. :heart_eyes:

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@esslee that team is very effective! Just tried it against a team of spinners all with 16 attack.

Thanks Machiknight - a real yesssss moment when you get them webbys where it hurts :laughing:

I am currently using Team Skull:

Keeper of Souls,

Though Skeleros is only on the team because he is Sunweaver’s brother. Yeah, yeah, I know: nepotism has no place in Gems of War. Sue me :stuck_out_tongue: