When you know webspinner is OP but you dont wanna play it

And the Joke here is…

The supposedly NERF to the Webspinners only made them stronger!

7 AOE Damage? Oh。My。God。

:scream: :scream: :scream:

They nerfed it in that the number of gems created is fixed and not indexed on her magic any more. They had to still make her viable. And she doesn’t deal 7 AoE damage without external buffs.

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Currently leaning towards agreeing with @Archenassa - rare enough thing :stuck_out_tongue: !

7 AOE damage and poison for that cost is punchy but not unusual - Behemoth, Sun & Moon, etc, similar…

Creating 9 greens is as likely to favour the enemy as you - I sense more Gob Shaman + Webspinner teams coming…

Wow, did we… did we actually really agree? I feel a tear coming up! :joy:
Also, Venoxia + Webspinner is stronger than ever. I hadn’t played that combo (or any of these two troops for that matters) in about 7 or 8 months, but I’ve brought them back. It feels so nice! :slight_smile:

Yes - we played a LOT of Webspinner games today. This version felt quite strong, just without the ability to loop quite so hard as before. We’ll continue to monitor Webspinner teams though… we don’t like nerfs, and we REALLY don’t want to nerf her any harder than we have to (we’d rather just move her power around to somewhere else if possible), but if she’s adversely affecting high level PvP, then we’ll address it accordingly.

We’re going to gradually address all scaling Gem Spammers over the next couple of weeks (likely by locking the number of Gems they create and moving their magic-scaling to other places), especially since in the future, more kingdoms means more bonuses. We wanted to get the Legendaries out of the way today, and we will visit others like M. Goblin Shaman very shortly.

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So you are ruining my double Goblin Shaman and double Goblin king defense team? Q_Q

No matter what they do, someone will cry. Some would be surprised that you can’t please everybody. :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S.: since I’m apparently super insensitive or something, this was not an attack towards you, Serale. :wink:

I wouldnt care if it was. What you said it’s true. I don’t care about all these changes since i’m really good at the game anyways. :'3 #SelfLoving

Also. My name is Apache!

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I’m sorry Apache, my bad, that won’t ever happen again, I promise. :crying_cat_face:

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Btw @Sirrian Why i’m not getting +1 magic having my home kingdom set on Karakoth? Q_Q The troops must be from there to get the bonus? Or only works while i’m fighting on Karakoth?

I wondered the exact same thing and I was going to post it as well. I actually thought the bonus stats were global.

Im really excited about the change! Not going to worry about watching the game play itself while webby loops over and over!

Yeah Rob. This really help those who like you didn’t find a way to play around it! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Funny guy! You have to admit it’s going to be better for the game as a whole. It wasnt even a NERF it was a change!

@Serale (Apache), @Archenassa, I think you might be getting that +1 Magic Bonus (it IS global), it’s rolled into the base stats of the troop though, I believe (so it’s not turning the number green when you look at the troop by tapping it in the troop list).

As an example… In the image I posted in another thread my Webspinner had 4 Magic. That’s 3 Magic for its base stats plus the 1 from Karakoth, which I had at level 10 too.

We need to update the troop list - I’ll be doing that tomorrow

A change that make it weak is a nerf!!! T_T Well it’s not like a use Webspinner so it really doesnt harm me in any way but it does take some adventage away from players who already knew how to play agaisnt her. In a long run you could say those who never really understood how to play against her now are gonna win more trophies.

Am pretty sure that’s not it since my troops have the same magic whichever kingdom I choose and those shows in game and on the team builder too.

Oh come on man, it doesnt make it weak, in fact it should make your games faster because of the increased damage output. And you have to recognize the endlessly looping units was not good for the game as a whole. Remember it wasn’t JUST webspinner that was affected by the change to gem creation. Not only that but you can tell by the responses from the devs that looping is a part of the design for webspinner and they made it harder, not impossible. Webspinner is FAR from “Weak”.