How do you defeat Webspinner?

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I would be interested in knowing how one would “play around it”, Webspinner, since I have not been very successful, especially if the opponent gets good gem drops upfront. What team, banner, would one use to defeat her? I can defeat her about 60% of the time, and hardly ever defeat her if there is 2 Webspinners. She is the only troop I don’t have besides Sheggra.

Easy. Deny mana for her. Run troops that benefy from Green Gems. Shes not as tanky a “Gorgotha” or “Carnex” can be easily kill with a “Paladin” or run a “Silent One”

There are also troops that remove all green gems, and the new free epic troop Dark Song that does double damage to enemies using green.

Keghammer is my favorite, since he removes magic. Webspinner doesn’t do crap with 0 magic.

Or, use Cockatrice or Moloch. Both drain the mana of a selected target. Moloch adds some true damage, and Cockatrice entangles. The entanglement is often of questionable effectiveness, but the bird seems to load pretty quickly.

I just use a can of bug spray but that is just me.

Whoa, from the ashes comes the 1.0.7 Webspinner nerf thread

A random webspinner is not that hard, just pick up every green. However if green generators are around you are likely hosed, unless kill it before first fill.

I think it’s the wrong game xD.