Web spinner needs to be seriously nerfed

Yes, what the subject says. I’m realizing that more often than not, I will resign from battles where my opponent has a Web Spinner in the lineup. My suggestion would be to have him create less green gems, so he won’t get turn after turn, until I am lucky enough that he encounters a skull match.
What do you guys think?

Meh. I don’t think it’s really that broken. It’s frustating but there’s ways to play around it and her defensive stats are not that great, more when it’s oftently used on the first slot because of her damage.

The biggest problem with Webspinner is that there are so many cards that combo with her. The green mana creators, the blue mana creators (is there one other than Valkyrie?), all those extra turn goblins.

I agree with Marvelkit to some extent. I like a bish bash bosh type of game. At lev 697 I usually have the win in sbout 10 turns, but if Webspinner gets a chance to get a grip I get bored bored bored and will bomb out of the game rather than sit watching green paint drying. Its just a really annoying card. I think people should be banned from using it (and Venoxia) in their defence teams …heh heh.

“from” or “for” ? :wink:

erm…‘banned from’…a. To prohibit (an action) or forbid the use of (something),

Wow, way to miss Melkathi’s joke there…
By the way Mel (can I call you Mel? ^^), that’d mean banning me too. I got so fed up with defends at some point that I went for a Venoxia / Webspinner line-up just so I almost never have anyone attacking me.
And I’m 100% behind Serale’s take on this.

Thank you for understanding it though :smile:
People online use various variations of that, so Mel is fine (also frequnetly people use Melk to prevent confusion with other Mels :stuck_out_tongue: )

You’re the only Mel we have! :slight_smile:

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Venoxia and :triumph: Webspinner.

An effective strategy against WebSpinner is to use other cards that modify the field to different colors of blue and green. But this card really irritates.

I was playing against the usual Webspinner / Goblin Shaman / Hobgoblin / Hobgoblin defense just now.

Was using Kerberos / Celestasia / Finley / Prismatic Orb myself. Was fun. Kept the board from getting too many greens and powered up Kerberos to quickly kill webspinner and then swallow whole Hobgoblin 1. After that clean up was easy.

I am using the combo
Gloom Leaf
Green Seer
Hero (with Knuckle Smasher).

This combo uses (and creates!) a lot of green. When Web Spinner is the first in the enemy’s combo, it’s usually no problem. Gloom Leaf fills up fast (my home kingdom is Forest of Thorns, 2 green mana bonus), steals attack and armour and kills Web Spinner easily as soon as a skull match comes along. With the enemy’s Web Spinner in second or third place, I cannot win, as I experienced several times, so I retire from the match.

The same goes for this combo btw:
Brian the Lucky
Relying heavily on brown gems, therefore I use this with home set to Khaziel (2 brown mana bonus). This combo also has a huge problem when facing Web Spinner in second or third place, so the problem is not the fact that my current combo uses green mana.

I just Alt+F4 out of a fight against Jarl+Herdmaster. I stopped counting after the 10th extra turn. Going to go play something else for now. If I just wanted to watch something and not play a game I’d buy some crap from Telltale.

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Yes, Webspinner can be a big pita but, as my guildmate Melkathi correctly stated, it can be counterattacked with the right combos. My combo is Abhorat, Gorgotha, Keeper of Souls and Sheggra: Karkaroth is my home kingdom to boost purple mana. It’s not the perfect combo out there but I’ve gotten used to my legendaries and have learned how to use them properly. KoS and Sheggra are the best pair I’ve met so far: at the right time and if used one after the other can flood the board with skulls leaving no way out even to the toughest enemy. Webspinner? Not a problem anymore :wink:

Well I acknowledge the fact he CAN be beaten, I still say he’s OP. :smile:

She not he :wink:

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Here’s a great idea for the developers. How about not nerfing anything. How about actually BUFFING your existing pool of Legendary units and try to make them feel a little more… i don’t know… LEGENDARY. Any fully leveled legendary card should be feared (Including Webspinner). Nerfing the only properly designed Legendary cards are a big step back IMO. Especially if you plan on charging your “Whales” $50 to obtain these cards. Thats a real fast way to lose a lot of your paying player base. Make Goblin King Viable. Make Orion actually matter. Legendary Cards should be made Legendary.

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They have been working on buffing them. No legendary has been nerfed.

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Ok, in terms of “just kill that troop already”, I have to say the one I absolutely hate to encounter is Celestasia. She’s like a Rockworm on steroids, but useless for the defending line-up. First off, she only cares about herself. Everyone else is poisoned and wounded? She’s not? Doesn’t matter, she only ever buffs herself for some unfathomable reason. And then, she just plays forever, doing nothing on Earth aside from filling the board. Seriously, I just interrupted a fight which has been going on for over 5 minutes oh Celestasia having fun on her own just to type this. Grrrrrrr :tired_face: