And the clear winner of 1.07 is.....WEBSPINNER!


So the new patch is here, and personally I love almost every aspect of it!

One problem however…Webspinner…well and Venoxia.

This has been brought up in several other topics, but to help keep THOSE topics OT I thought i’d give it it’s own.

I understand this may have been tested that these 4x web/ven or 3x +orb decks are BEATABLE by the devs. HOWEVER they are not by any stretch of the imagination FUN to play against. In fact, my wife has recently gotten into the game, and after she played last night she came across SO MANY webspinner/venoxia teams that she put it down citing that it just wasnt fun anymore.

This makes me sad, I was utilizing her efforts to get my account levels and gold, so now my small sweatshop is shut down.

I had been a huge proponent of webspinner from the begining of the game however I think it’s time has come to an end.

I am not sure if your data can show this, but take a look at how many matches are being played with these units, and how many matches are being skipped because of these units being on the opposing team. Just because it can be beat doesnt mean it is worth the frustration to do so.

So, community, what things do you think can be done to address this? I have heard some good ideas out there and the one I’m fond of most is not allowing team bonuses to stack from duplicate units. What other ideas do you have?

@Sirrian I hope you take a look at this post and can sense the frustation. LOSING players because of a couple rogue troops is a bad thing.

Webspinner question

Just scout. You see a troop you don’t have fun playing against, you switch to the next opponent. I’m pretty sure that’s why the new function is for.


I scouted a team with goblin shaman and a web spinner and I just got my own goblin shaman/webspinner and I just waited until he did his own goblin before I did mine and took over.


Lady night I scouted and got 5x in a row of multiple wrbspinner teams or multiple venoxia teams. How much do I need to spend to find a team that isn’t going to suck to play against?

Maybe scouting should be free.


It’s pretty annoying, I agree. I can confirm that it is definitely possible to beat them (I usually play on Warlord 2, and can beat them if I use my usual Silent One team), but also that it’s boring and annoying to see the same few troops in half the teams.


That’s my main concern, seeing the same team type over and over.


I spoke with the devs today and yesterday at PAX, Webspinner inevitably came up… they’re well aware of it’s obnoxiousness. Something will be done.


I agree about the Wbspinner and with a new patch it’s even stronger now. It’s away too much for the gem creation. 4X Webspinner get 15 green mana. it’s very hard to fight and also not fun at all.


Thank you for confirming they are aware of it.

I really hate when my phone goes to sleep before I get my turn back.

Webspinner’s gems should not scale with magic. Make it something like Summer’s Fury with a fixed number of gems generated.


Before the patch, some players already complain about Webspinner and the answer was… a magic bonus so he is now more powerful than before…
I think the main issue with Webspinner is that he generates green mana and because of that he can loop forever. Like Rock Worm that can also be very annoying in Arena. Maybe devs have to reconsider the troops that generate the same gem color that they need to avoid this kind of loop.


Totally agree it too boring to play!!!


Am so sad this kind of post still coming up.


To be fair, all you need to do vs 4 Webspinners is grab all the green and blue matches and not use exploders just in case. I’ve beaten it a few times, haven’t seen it much though. It still runs the risk of suddenly doing 30 damage to your entire team over 3+ minutes of extra turns. I am honestly still more afraid of the teams that run Webspinner with something else to facilitate it, particularly Goblin Shaman; covering green and blue is way easier than covering green, blue, brown and purple.

I ran it in my defense for a bit to see what would happen - and people still beat me … sometimes.


My point is not that these webspinner teams are unbeatable, my point is that they are showing up way more often than ever, a rather large percentage of the teams you have to scout, and that they are just plain NOT FUN to go against.


I think legends and epics should be unique. You shouldn’t have more than 1 “Brian the Lucky” (Brian’s the Luckies? Are they triplets?). Another idea is anti synergy? Perhaps Demons and Divine don’t get along? Or multiple demons don’t play nice together?

Commons, rares and ultra rares are not specific characters and you should have multiples of them.

It seems some tropos benefit much more with a magic boost than others; in general, I don’t think any class should have a magic bonus. The soothsayer is fine, Brian somewhat breaks the game if he goes off on magic and you have a team setup for it (AoE, group heal).

No matter what you do in a game with many variables, there will always be 3-4 best teams in general; and that’s if things are well balanced. Take a game like Hearthstone, Magic the Gather, Legend of the 5 rings… there are always “best” decks/teams that take over a game. At least this game it really doesn’t matter so much. So regardless of the tweaks and game changes some teams will always be much more popular than others.


Why do so many people hate webspinner, I like playing against them, cuz it’s all about using the right tactics, not just matching random gems and casting spells, and thx for the scouting function, I can choose the right troops against them, I think it’s fun.


It is interesting. So many players hate to fight against webspinner teams but still so many players use them. Lets start global boycott of webspinner :smile:


What are all of your guys favorite anti webspinner teams?


Pekerpixar: you are assuming everyone has all the cards at maximum level?
I have 3 legendaries and only managed to get enough souls to level about 20 of my troops to max. While I can imagine a strategy to counter most setups, I simply don’t have the strength to beat them.


4 X webspinner will be able to beat a webspinner team.