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Webspinner builds!

Finally the arcanes will be available later today - Arcane Swamp.

So I was just wondering about great builds around Webspinners 3rd trait, that deals triple skull damage to poisonous troops. Feel free to share! :slight_smile:

Feel free to share your builds! :slight_smile:


You can try:
Goblin shaman

It’s nice, but not too relayble.

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Webspinner and a fully traited Venoxia should work well together.


Not 100% sure if I gonna trait Webspinner. Rather go for Rowanne and Mercy. Its all about those glories…

Rowanne, Mercy, Green Slime, there’s quite a few good Swampstone Epics.
Many of which are far more useful and reliable than Webspinner. I’d even recommend Druid over spidaemon.

With 9 troops, Webspinner isn’t even necessary to 5-Star the kingdom. Though with poison getting some support this week, maybe we’ll see a small surge of use.

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I use this one for my Defense Build at times:

Infernal King***

More effective then I thought it would be, also a good invade team!

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I will probably trait my druid, since he’s in my farming team and I need a few points for Maugrim Woods.

I miss the good old days of endlessly looping ole webby…

Imagine that looping now with all the magic we got :smiley:

I’m sure this has registered but just in case: Definitrly worth revisiting with the balance changes to the MoS troops. Very timely!

I think

Webspinner (3)
Venoxia (3)
Scale Guard (3)
Scale Guard (3)

Scale Guard now has empowered and poisons with his spell (which also deals double to poisoned foes now) you can turn 1 poison the top enemy and strike for triple damage off Webspinner and if you start with a 4+ of a kind can target that troop with Scale Guard’s spell to do 30+ damage


Poison strategies aren’t really reliable : sturdy is one of the most common traits with 18 troops ( let me do it for you @Lyya : http://ashtender.com/gems/troops?filter=Sturdy ;)) including a couple over used troops like Goblin Shaman, Green Slime and Bone Dragon. Not to mention impervious troops ( http://ashtender.com/gems/troops?filter=Impervious => 10 troops), but these are more niche troops.

So, whenever you build a team around poisonning ennemies, you should always have a back up plan in my opinion.


I think it’s also worth noting that a fully traited Gorgotha takes normal damage from a fully traited Webspinner when poisoned

Scale Guard looks quite good in that team. I am looking forward to mix and tricks with him. :slight_smile:

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Been using as one of my teams.
Green seer

Gonna try cells team tonight :slight_smile: