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Looking for builds around Webspinner's awesome traits!

Hi all!

Quite a while ago I got my hands on the Webspinner. At first I didn’t give it much thought, but now I realized what an awesome troop it is. The last two traits are absolutely insane, giving it a guaranteed 3x skull damage no matter what.

I’m wondering, what are some effective builds that focus around those traits?
I’m having some trouble getting my head around the many possibilities and synergies in this game.

Right now I’m using this build: Webspinner / Mountain Crusher (Assassin) / Valkyrie / Azura

My logic behind it is this:
Webspinner’s ability doesn’t seem too important for the outcome of a battle, so I don’t focus on it. I’m using Valkyrie to feed Azura and most often than not, get a complete board wipe and hope for a skull match. Same with Mountain crusher.
The Assassin class gives some nice bonuses like freeze on enemy death and most importantly it hunter marks an enemy on 4-5 gem matches (albeit randomly).

I do realize this setup is a bit too RNG dependant, but it’s the best I could think of. When it works it works great. Something that generates skulls could be a good fit.

Are there any tried and tested setups I could try? What classes would work best?

I’m a noob still, only level 200, and I’m missing a lot of troops. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Edit: Noticed you were lvl 200 after I posted this, If you don’t have the troops, give it a shot when you can gather them up.

I use this, its a variant of the many Orbweaver/LnD combos.

I’m looking for a few things with it.

If gimlet can make a 4 match of brown with his cast, then LnD is filled.

If Gimlet can make any match and that creates a situation for a skull drop. Thats easily a dead top troop.

Then you have AW replacing WS pretty much always.

I’ved use it in pvp def as well as gw and it always goes around .500, and its pretty effective on offense as well.


As far as Webspinner is concerned I would just get any and all skull transformers / generators.

Keeper of Souls <- the best for this.
Divine Ishbaala
Forest Guardian
Infernal King
Sir Quentin

All of these are good enough. Getting a combination that feeds into the other is ideal, but with Webspinner in the lead you probably don’t need more than one. The best-case you can hope for is one of those that isn’t green or blue (none of them are blue so that’s easy) and another troop that can get mana for it.


Thanks! I’m missing all of these but I’ll keep the build in mind.

I get that LnD can only be obtained in special events? Also, I don’t see how LnD synergizes with Orbweaver or Webspinner. Could you explain the logic behind it?

It took me a minute to remember the team, but I used this team way back when.

It isn’t going to win any awards, but uses non mythic cards and tries to use WS pros and limit its exposure to its weaknesses. You have the bonestorm from Scylla, while using Syl for the entangle on the top enemy troop. Then MC to cycle through. You could tinker with the class. I had used Sentinel for the 25% chance of barrier on a random ally, but it never was that efficient.

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That’s awesome, thaks a lot Shimra!! I completely forgot that conversion to skulls was a thing lol.
I don’t have any of them yet, BUT I do have Apophisis which is an epic and should be good until I get more converters.

LnD is evil combined with Orbweaver.

With Orbweaver it is stealthy (can’t be targeted, combined with AW it keeps 2 troops stealthy, which makes them untargetable even if the top 2 troops go down) the weapon also blesses itself on cast. So its immune to almost everything with regard to status effects. On top of that, when it takes damage it has a chance to summon a spider. So it is constantly replacing dead troops.

It is one of the most annoying combos in the game.

Edit: The synergy for webspinner is that Arachnean weaver summons a webspinner. So if it dies he can replace it.

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Ah ok I get it now. That seems nasty. Thanks for taking the time to explain it!

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Just an fyi, Life and death is a faction weapon. It should be around soon. Tuesdays are a one day faction event, you can find the weapons in the shop for the event. Usually about 400 gems or so. I would highly recommend getting it when its there. If not you wont see it again till the faction is back. The rotation is every underworld kingdom, so it could be months before it comes around again.

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For an early game team: webspinner, hero with 50% start would be best, skeleton, apophosis. Apophosis needs to be traited for empower start.

You could use mountain crusher and see how it goes. Not really ever casting webspinner.


Skeleton can be very usefull at lower levels (creates skull AND gains extra turn).
Any troop that converts gems into skulls will do.

  • if it starts with full mana (empowered trait required), you can start converting from round 1.

So i’d recomend using (in order what is easiest to get):
Any empowered gems-> skulls converter
Any type of gems -> skulls converter + empowered converter that will fill your skull converter (exmaple: wrath + mercy, mercy converts purple to yellow, which fills wrath, who then converts gems to skull)
Hero - can be any, weapon -> Life&Death, EssenceOfEvil are always good picks…

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Thanks Earnham, that’s the team I use now. I’m really enjoying it so far. I settled for Mountain crusher as it’s the most useful weapon i have so far, even though it doesn’t offer much more other than a mana boost and boards clears.

I’m thinking the Shield of Urskaya would be a much better fit. Creating skulls can be risky and I regret not having anything to buff Webspinner. I’m currently grinding for it

Indeed! Didn’t realize Skeleton’s potential until now.

You guys have been super helpful. I’ve gotten a little bit wiser regarding team builiding thanks to your contributions.

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No problem. Need help with anything else just ask.