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Mercy or Webspinner traits?

After the Mists of Scales event, I have enough trait stones to get Mercy or Webspinner to their third level trait, but not both, and I’ve been dithering over which to trait up for a week now. Even if I could scrape together a few more Arcane Swamp stones, I only have a couple of Celestial left and they are hard to come by… (unless you are my partner, who has 8 or 9 sitting in her hero’s collection :sweat_smile:)



  • One of the best Yellow Mana accelerators in the game with empowered
  • Works well with her fellow Whitehelm troops
  • Works well with the Valkyrie/Sunweaver combo that is my bread and butter offence team


  • I have no really good yellow bombs to pair her with (e.g. the Great Maw, the Infernal King or even Gorgotha)
  • The AI, as with most healers, has a bad habit of sitting on her charged ability for a couple of turns, so I can’t guarantee my defenders will make the best use out of her.



  • Lethal Toxin (triple damage to poisoned troops) turns the Webspinner into pretty much a one skull match/kill after he fires off his ability once
  • Works well with my other legendary green troops (Venoxia and a fully-traited Spring Imp)
  • Also could work well with my Valkyrie/Sunweaver combo


  • As a defender, he would need to sit in the front of the group to make use of his trait which make him vulnerable to skull damage himself
  • Also, a good player won’t let the computer get many (if any) skull matches, and I have no skull generators outside of the old stand-by of the Skeleton

So, yeah, the two choices seem fairly well balanced. Eventually I hope I can get them both up there, but that will probably take months, so in the immediate term… Anyone have any suggestions or other thoughts?

Mercy, no question.


I second Tacet’s statement, Mercy is incredibly powerful with Empowered, and is a key troop to many top-end teams.

Also, having said that, she is also has a much higher chance of nerfing, and so you might be able to try the other with her stones :smiley:

There is also another 3x skull damage troop coming in the next kingdom, cough cough. :stuck_out_tongue:

But poison is a little more permanent.

Yes, but more troops have immunity to poison than any other status effect.

True since you don’t usually see immune to frozen traits. But in general poison would give more lingering options.

That all said for the op, 2 other things to consider, which one fits your playstyle/do you have more fun with and which kingdom are you closer to raising the power level? Even if Mercy is better all around, if Webspinner"s trait helps push the score over or get you close, go for it.

Personally I also use Webspinner way more than Mercy but I have my reasons.

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I say wait until 2.0 goes and see what troop changes are made and then if nothing happens to Mercy and Webspinner, take the above advice. If something does happen to one or both, solicit new opinions :slight_smile:

I…would wait until we see what happens tonight.

wrings hands

Though if they take the bat to my Mercy I might have a few tables to flip.


It would be just my luck to get Mercy after a nerf.

Try this:

Play a few matches with the lineup you would use with a fully traited webspinner and estimate how much easier life would get with her 3rd trait. If you like what you see, trait Webspinner.

Else, wait to see balance changes tomorrow.

Mercy has more potential with different lineups the way she is right now and not traiting her for the lack of Great Maw, Infernal King or Gorgotha is no solid point imo, cause you’ll eventually get one or two of the three. And you’ll likely get them faster than the arcane stones needed to level mercy if you choose Webspinner over her.

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Right there with you, together we can flip the heaviest of tables!

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i dont use mercy and i do use webspinner, but webspinners last trait just seemed… lackluster to me.

If they bat my tyri, i will be doing the same. What are the chances to a mercy/tyri buff?

A solid 0%.

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What about a nerf bat to mercy/tyri?

The two troops are very different, so I’m not sure why you’re lumping them together.

i lump them together based on popularity of troops on defend teams.

Mercy isn’t even on that graph, and Tyri is hovering around “balanced.”