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Explain Mercy to me

I bought one Mercy and can get 3 more with my glory but I don’t get the point of her. Is she worth getting multiples or trying to get her to mythic? Should I save my glory and buy 6 of a troop when a good come comes up? I’m fairly new and just starting to gain some momentum.
Thanks guys.

Buy all the Mercy.


Mercy has two benefits. One - she can heal and / or boost the weakest troop on your team - always helpful. And two - she is the best troop for powering any yellow troop ie. Maw, Infernal King, Gorgotha, Valkyrie. Having her empowered (3rd trait) makes things even better.

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Empowered Mercy is very good if you have enough purple on the board and enough yellow to make good matches to start. She’s also good against a purple team, assuming they don’t use yellow too.

Digging out an old post, from before Mercy exploded in popularity:

If you have the glory, buy enough Mercy so that you can buy all three traits (12 Swamp stones in total, IIRC). She is very, very, very useful with Empowered.

She’s a lot more useful in certain situations than most players realize.

She works great against Webspinner/Venoxia teams. Feeds off their missed combos and Cleanses their Poison, all while healing and feeding Yellow Troops.

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"meh"rcy is more like it to me lol.
I never seem to have the purple/yellow to make use of her.

I feel you, BUT… that is just the added bonus of waiting for a specific time to use her. It’s said best to use her if you KNOW you’ll get an extra turn. But getting rid of that poison of burn just before you lose one card that is fully charged up, or healing just enough so you dont die of that opponent’s marilith or crimson bat that’s about to go off. She’s a lifesaver, aren’t you @Lyya ?


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Surprised no one has mentioned this yet. She is also one of only 2 troops in the game that cleanses ALL allies when casting. That paired with the thing others have mentioned makes Mercy one of the best support troops in the game (if not the best).

Her cleanse all is especially useful know that the game is getting even more status effects.

Alright. I’m taking your advice. I bought 3 more so I’d have enough swamp traits to boost her up. I don’t fully understand her usefulness but I’m still under level 100 so I’m sure she’ll prove herself in later game situations.

Thanks for the advice.

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Fully trait her out, you won’t regret it! She’s still a mainstay of the PC/iOS meta and I don’t see her popularity decreasing anytime soon. One of the best support troops and just an all-around top 10 in general.

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It’s still "meh"rcy to me. Unless she can cleanse being devoured I don’t care. A little bit of healing rarely affects my game. Valk gives me a 100 or so souls per match and fills my other three troops. On defense, the AI isn’t smart enough to know when to use her. I’ll throw her on my three gob chomper team to kill maws, but she rarely seems to help fill them.

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Mercy and Herdmaster Cleanse all.

Hero can Cleanse all as well with the Staff of St. Astra. A fully-Traited Priest is also an amazing support Troop.

Mercy is part of my divine loop team. Between her and Valk I can win matches without giving the opponent more than 3 or 4 turns most times.

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Mercy can first turn maw, chomp the enemy of choice and maw can power up infernal king, Valkyrie or even bone dragon or sheggra… creating tons of skulls and lots of potential for additional devours, etc… and thats’ just one use case.

Her traits are great, here cleanse all is extremely powerful against burning, disease, frozen… (and soon web / stun if they get popular)

In short, at top tier you will see a lot of Mercy for good reason, very effective

you want her mythic


Well, I was able to ascend her one time but mythic is out of my reach of now. I hope she’s worth the trouble.

Who should I have her boost for? Could you give me multiple ideas since I may not have all the cards. The others in that deck now are behemoth and sheggra. That’s what I’m playing with now.


She turns purple to yellow. So she pairs with a troop that uses yellow, even better if you have a purple gem generator.