Webspinner seems overpowered

Webspinner seems overpowered, and it’s not bugged.

It will do triple skull damage to any troop not immune to web.

Yeah, I’d been hoping they would change the order of effects (although I believe one of the initial responses to this was that it’s pretty deeply entrenched in the programming; might see if I can find it), so that this wasn’t a problem anymore. Crimson Arrow is the other one that was (semi-)mentioned in your bug report thread, there, but it’s not as bad given that Hunter’s Mark is only 2x, and Webspinner could potentially stack with Hunter’s Mark as well from other troops/the level 1 Talent.

Using it just feels cheap, whether in offence or in defence.

I think @Micio’s been invested in this as well(?), and dw @Razzagor, I remember you bringing it up/your comments on it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

Also just a note that Cyrup said to discuss this in the Feature Requests and Game feedback section, I think, but I’m not sure if it matters.

Edit: I’d be perfectly okay with the effect applying on the first hit, and then having the bonus damage apply on any subsequent hits, if the status is already present (prior to the attack) - my preferred solution.

Shhhh, got weaver now so webspinner is perfectly fine :3 hahaha

Beside is just 1 of the many OP troops that are op cuz actually effects dont have any order, they all apply at once at soon you match/cast.

Like Rock troll that demolish any “tank” or korvash/anu that drain mana from anyone or any “steal magic” troop that do higher damage than it show on tooltip seen magic get stolen before any damage.

Only place where you can see some kind of “order” (seem more chaos tbh) are weapon extra effects from upgrading.

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Ah k, yeah, sorry wasn’t sure if you meant about this thing with skull effects applying before the damage is dealt, or with those other troops like Khorvash/Anu (I almost feel like that should be more of a word -> spell order consistency thing).

I guess the idea that ‘everything happens at once’ is kind of interesting. The text does say, “Inflict Web when doing Skull damage”, which could be interpreted as ‘during’ - which could then validate the triple damage to targets that are ‘Webbed’.

It’ll be interesting to see how I feel about it in-game now that I know it’s intentional.

Webspinner is fine the way it is. Too many other troops and weapons are not though. Dragon’s Eye and Lust are two.

Well, i would call it a bug but look like here everything is working fine until someone put a 1gb video on youtube, then it magically become a bug.

Talking about intended things that can be fun, transform count as a kill (whoever used de or TPK when event was “get 750 kills in pvp” should have noticed) so i wonder if putting weaver with tpk/de trigger the 75% chance for a free spinner when you transform something.

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I’m pretty sure Webspinner shouldn’t be able to function as it is.

Webspinner is fine as it is. With the right setup, it makes for an effective set up for guild wars :+1:


Honestly this game’s order of effects is as bad as yugioh.

I recently fought a lust team in pvp and was down to my hero and greed in this order:


I used tge skeleton key, finished off both lusts and got a sister of shadow, which killed my hero since the order was:

Sister of shadows

The fact my hero died to charm despite killing both is because the death of lust 1 occurred, then the summon, then the death trigger of lust 2. I’ve seen split damage that had extreme overkill fail to kill a hero with anti magic sphere.

Split damage and spell reduction, skull traits, death vs killed, instakill effects, and transforming enemies lose their traits. Aside from power imbalance of troops, traits, and the mixed bag of hero talents, these inconsistencies definitely help no one.

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I could be wrong, but I think that’s fixed, now.

Its somewhat fixed but still buggy
Originally you cant kill troops with spell reduction using split damage no matter how many times you cast
Now you can kill them but in many occasions they survive with a few hp even though they should have been dead


I honestly do not think that this is a problem with the game, but rather a problem with the team you chose. If one team is able to defeat anything and everything fluidly, then that would be a problem.
This game has a huge amount of troops, and some opponents require a different strategy. Note that the Skeleton team does have Cedric, who can put Lust in the bottom position, meaning you’ll kill her first and get rid of her third trait (which I believe you did). But the team you describe would benefit more from using stunning troops by the looks of it. Different strategies are a core to this game.

If one team could defeat anything on its path without blinking, then the whole purpose of the game would be gone. Why would we need hundreds of different troops at that point?

As i said in the other thread which ended locked (when it could simply be moved and have it’s title changed) Webspinner could just be a little tweaked to have a lower attack, but gain something in return like magic and others stats. It would still be a good troop in many setups, not an overwhelmingly skullbasher as it is now.

is this rlly a thread calling spinner op? im baffled tbh

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I do have to say the nonstop Webspinner meta teams are really screwing me up. It was the only team I faced last GW, it’s so good it’s even worth losing the “unique troops” bonus.

I agree the mechanic is broken that it webs the unit first before dealing damage but do we really need a nerf thread for a unit that can be countered so easily?

Stun, entangle, web immunity, impervious there are abundancy of counter measures.


I fully agree, though I personally do not feel the mechanic is broken. Webspinner’s spell ain’t that great, yet he is a legendary. That ought to be for that third trait. But it is so easy to counter, and Webspinner is very easy to kill as well, lacking any kind of damage reduction or immunities other than poison. I can’t recall Webspinner taking out more than one of my troops in all the battles I’ve fought combined (which was also the first time I realised the impact of his trait). Just adapt your strategy to the opponent you’re facing, and Webspinner becomes less of a threat than a soul gnome.

No one should head into a battle against Gob-Chompers with a Goblin team, and in the same way you shouldn’t head into a battle against Webspinner with a team that does not have a counter-measure in place to nullify Webspinner’s use. And there are countless options for that (as you rightfully pointed out)!

Tbh “webspinner” got only 1 prob, it’s a summoned troop, yes if he’s in the team at start you can see it and isnt a great prob (unless there’s tons of skulls on starting board lol), i’ve used him too to kill a silly Borealis in gw once but usually dont use him exactly cuz it’s so squishy.

But when you face a weaver that basically summon 1 each troop you lose (dont even need kill it himself, but if he’s the killer then with the 15 gems exploded you gotta pray ai dont get a skull match) it may be a prob.

Webspinner need a nerf? nah, weaver neither, effects should have an order instead of the mess that we got now? defo but pretty sure it will never happen.

So meanwhile we can just take advantage of that stuff working as intended, like, put titan on first slot and devour almost anything with irongut in delve ;p

The point I was making is that while the weapon deals damage to the first and last enemy, both had died to the same cast and that means before the last 5 extra damage as well. It’s not lust’s trait that bothers me, it’s that it triggered after my troop got summoned from the death of the first one. The deaths may not be exactly simultaneous, but this game is not exactly detailed enough in terms of its rules that we can expect to happen.

I was watching a friend play against a human team. The taloca was doing 150 split since a storm was active. The hero with the anti magic sphere had 72 hp. There was the St. Astra with 15, and a tpk with 14. After the spell cast, the hero had 4 hp left and there was no barrier or other talent/trait that could heal itself.