Webspinner Team Build Advice

Obligatory fair warning, I’m very new to this game and still learning. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this.

My first and thus far only legendary is Webspinner. I’ve been looking around for ideas for troops to pair with it and decided to come here looking for better advice. One build I read was Webspinner, Goblin Shaman, Goblin and Boar Rider. I tried it a couple times on low level content and it seems like it could have some decent synergy but it didn’t always flow well. (I should note I haven’t leveled any of it because I’m very low level and just trying to figure out what works first.) That team also excludes the hero which seems like a bad idea.

With that said, any ideas for a good team to build around Webspinner? If the above team is viable, what is the optimal order to place them in? Any troops that would be better to slot in in place of one of the ones I listed before?

Also, would it be a worthwhile investment this early on to put souls and whatnot into the common cards I use with Webspinner to get them leveled up for helping me out in the early game?

For reference, here is my collection: https://gowdb.com/collection/4b7533d30e7b8ceaf9972eb13d7af71d

Webspinner main saling point is it final trait, x3 damage vs poison and/or webbed enemy. So trait it and pair it with skull spamming troop/weapon

Webspinner - fist of zorn - apophis - moon rabbit can dish out pretty huge damage and fast.

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And you’re right to think you’d want the hero on there—I’d suggest Plaguelord as a good spot to start, as the weapon you’ll unlock leveling it is Essence of Evil, which is a great mana generator, makes web and poison, and will be useful to have even when you stop using Webspinner someday.

The class itself is really good, too—Rock Solid is one of the best talents in the game, and you’ll enjoy having barriers on brown matches when you’re a low-level even more than I do at my high-level!

I wouldn’t bother traiting Webspinner unless you can make a particular skull team (like or similar to BelethS’ above). Otherwise there are definitely going to be better uses for the traitstones (i.e. Mercy).

Actually Mercy is a better use for those traitstones even if you can make a skull team for Webspinner. So… I wouldn’t do it.

Building for a Webspinner team without the traits, that’s going to be a green spam team made to cast Webspinner when possible and loop continuously. For that I would suggest troops like Forest Troll, Green Seer, Goblin Shaman, etc.

Regardless of what you do with the Webspinner, heroes are generally-speaking very powerful and you should always have your team incorporate it somehow - especially in order to level up classes.


Was thinking about ways to tweak your suggested team to include the hero, I’m guessing Apophisis is the most expendable of the bunch. Maybe put in something like Mountain Crusher there instead (also trying to factor in what a newer player might have access to)? Have you tried any other options there?

Mountain crusher would be a bad idea in this lineup tbh, as it practically resets the board with each cast. You need maximum board control for webspinner to work, as it’s a skull based team, and a bonked convert can pretty easily help ai to wipe out your team.

Main strength of a webspinner based team is his 3x skull dmg on webbed enemies. So he has to be in slot 1, for it to work. Something has to spam skulls, and either fist of zorn or apophis do the job. I’d rather have zorn than apophis, as it fills faster (less mana cost). He should be in slot 2, as it has to fill/refill as fast as possible.

If using hero in slot 3, that leaves an extra troop for slot 4.

Try to use hero with Staff of Anu (class doesn’t really matter, use whatever you want to level) in slot 3, and maybe daughter of ice in slot 4 (empowered x-to-blue converter, there to kickstary staff of anu).

Staff of Anu is a great board control tool, as you can choose which colour to wipe out, and is self enchanting once fully leveled, so fire and forget. It can arrange the board for zorn to convert to match 4/5’s of skulls.


Your idea makes sense.

The only thing I’d say is the MC board reset can be a good thing when using skull converters, where a cascade can leave you with a bad board. Get rid of all the unused skulls you created, give yourself a chance at a lucky 4/5 match on skyfall, generate mana, and hope you give the AI a worse board than the one you just cleared out. Especially since none of the team uses brown at all, I’d think it’s still a decent option.

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Thanks for all of the responses guys. Unfortunately, I’m still too new to have a lot of these troops to work effectively. The build taking advantage of Webspinner’s trait for skulls is currently out of my reach but it does give me something to aim for.

I’m thinking the green spam team Shimrra mentioned and I alluded to in my OP is my best bet in the short term until I’m able to get my hands on some of the troops necessary for the skull synergy. I don’t know exactly how effective that will be but just playing with the hand I’ve been dealt so far.

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I think a lot of people need to take a step back and realize the op is not at the point that he can trait a whole bunch of epic and legendary troops…


Anoher webspinner team, that doesn’t even have to be fully traited and is exremely easy to get (this week at least) is:

Moira Cragheart (this week’s godslayer)
Hero with random class and random weapon.

The only troop to be traited is webspinner, for its 3x skull dmg. Everything else can be default. Apothecary fills Moria nicely, Moria converts greens to doomskulls, then it’s just to sit back and watch webspinner work its magic. Hero is there just to fill a slot and get champion exp.

Moira and apothecary’s order can be reversed, to fill apothecary first, then use it to fill moria.

You already have webspinner, hero can be random, moria is 30 gems in event shop, so just apothecary is maybe left to get (and she drops pretty often from keys).

Could even replace Apohecary with Krystehound (and use it to feed Moira with blue), this week’s glory shop troop, thus fully eliminating keybdraw randomness.

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How do you even plan on filling Apothecary when its fully blocked by Webspinner and covered up on Blue by Moira?

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Forest Troll, King Gobtruffle, Essence Of Evil, Webspinner.

Filing webspinner first, ofc, then leaving it full. Apoth 2nd, moira 3rd.

Perhaps I’m missing something with Moira. You mentioned she costs 30 gems in the event shop. I’m looking at the shop and went to the Weekly Event tab and I don’t see Moira and everything there costs $, not gems. Am I looking in the wrong place?

Edit: Never mind, found it. But it’s 70 gems.

Definitely worth getting the unique troop/weapon every week in the event shop if you can, @inkstier.

Never know when an old weapon in an event will end up part of a new META, like Rope Dart did.

If you’re finding that 70 gems hard to come by and you play on Xbox let me know—I can get you into a guild that will get you enough free gems (from the blue guild statue tasks) that you’ll never need to worry about it.

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looking at your collection, i would try with valk first since it is easier to use, low mana cost, water link (if traited) and also generate souls. would be better if you have green seer though.

you can also forget webspinner for now and use excellent early game troops you have that probably will dish more damage than webspinner at lower mana cost.

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