Most Annoying Team Kinged!


Well I saw it one time and figured I’d give it a try, this is the most ridiculous team ever devised. Even more evil than Goblins.
On average the opposing team has around 2-3 turns before I’m full strength godly.

Green Slime
Goblin Shaman
Goblin Shaman
Green Seer

While only 6 actual turns took place not including all my extra turns the following occured:

Yes that is a green slime maxxed out. Side note max is 1000 to all stats except Magic o_o 1002


Magic is capped at 1000 aswell, as you can see on the upper left corner. The slime increases a random skill by magic+2, thus 1002. Must be very tedious to play that deck though.


Getting maps like crazy doe.


True. Easy way to farm for maps if you want em. Good deck :slight_smile:


This was my defense deck for a while with Finley instead of one Shaman.

But it wasn’t intended to win, only to stall, making big cascades to earn resources.

However I’ve played it a couple times on Warlord 4 and easily won as long as Green Slime survives the first few turns… We are talking of veryyy long battles though…