Goblin Teams are so unbalaced :(


4 Marauder troops = Marauder General [II] (Bonuses: +4 Attack)
4 Zaejin troops = King of Goblins [III] (Bonuses: +10 Life)
Do you think goblin team (Rocket Goblin, Shaman, Hobogoblin, Boar Rider with 30+ Life, 13+ Attack and extra turn) with these bonus is invincible. That’s not even including all the maxed kingdom bonuses. (+9 Life, +4 Armor, +5 Attack, +1 Magic… if all maxed.). Hardly beat them :frowning:


Well why don’t you make that team and be invincible :smile:


Rocket Goblin is a Construct, not a Marauder.
Goblin King is a Marauder though and then it becomes also a 3 Green team.


Goblins are one of the best teams atm, possibly second only to dragons but they are not invincible. Team bonuses as well as kingdom bonuses make the life of new players kind of hard but that is already discussed elsewhere.


I agree that Goblin teams are at the strong end at the moment… verging on unbalanced… I made a detailed post on it here: Dragons Are The New Webspinner!


The new troop that was released today, the “green slime” is a great troop to use against goblin decks.


The troop itself is great. But with the current meta and reliance on kingdom/type bonuses, Im not seeing a viable team using it.


My Implemental Team is:
Death Knell *
Green Slime
Summer Imp
Autumn Imp

*may be swapped for staff of madness

Bonuses for 2 Primordial and 3 Elemental troops.
Still testing it.


Green Slime
Shadow Dragon

Will test it out as soon as we can level the Slime up beyond 2.


I can finally try combining burn and poison:

Shadow Dragon
Green Slime
Autumn Imp

Also, this:

Green Slime
Summer Imp


Haha, I just beat you on my way to Champion of Khaziel. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s ok, I beat you first :stuck_out_tongue:

Granted, I do wonder if that defense team of yours ever wins. I wouldn’t be surprised if it did though.


Goblins are new webspinners - everyone plays it, everyone hates playing aginst them. They should be seriously nerfed!!!


Every now and then I log in and lo and behold, I have actually defended my kingdom just by having a gate!


I don’t hate playing against them. One extra turn is much more bearable than the infinite extra turns Webspinners had.


I still beat goblin teams with my Transformers

Hero with Eternal Flame (use yellow to create red)
Alchemist (red/brown to change X to yellow)
Banshee (purple/yellow to do damage and blue to red)
Valkyrie (red/yellow to change X to blue)

Once it gets going, it is pretty easy to beat them when you keep them from ever getting a turn. Typically once I fill Hero or Alchemist the first time I can get a cycle going. It does take a little time, and isn’t ‘trivial’ in choosing moves to keep cycle going.


@MarvelKit How is that possible? O_o It has no attack and has no spell damage… is it a battle between two gates and the last one to die of old age wins?
@tweetypl I love playing them, I have zero problem playing against them, and I hope they won’t get the Silencer treatment.
Also, does that mean I should change my extremely nnoying QQ defensive line-up for a Goblin line-up now? I’m confused.


I don’t hate paying against them either, they pose a good fun challenge really. No nerfing needed.

Now dire wolf on the other hand…


Oh god, Dire Wolf needs a serious nerf along with the Nymph. Seriously overshadows the other commons and the amount of battles I’ve lost to the beast is quite troublesome. I feel that if nothing’s done soon that we’ll be overrun with packs of wolves all the time when invading. :sob:


I have no idea! In another thread someone suggested that may come from people retreating. Actually I haven’t seen it since the scout option was installed.