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Video: Freeze Teams to Counter Goblin Teams

Hello everyone! Today I go over some teams that can counter 4x goblin teams.

For console players, alternative builds would include things with entangle, silence, or Gobchomper. The Dragonator 5,000 would also make for a good counter to goblins from the Mechanist class.




Nice copy/pasting with the splash screen! Looks like a Goblin horde.

As a mid-game console player, I see a lot of Goblins. We don’t have access to those sweet freezing troops, but your suggestions are good. For me, I like to either use a looping team where I can control the board and give them as few turns as possible (they can’t use an extra turn if they don’t have any turns) or just focus an attack troop that does big damage on a key troop like Goblin Shaman. If you can get one troop dead (especially Goblin Shaman who is the only one that really feeds the others), then the rest of them aren’t really a threat. I like to use Shadow Hunter to cripple one troop, but a buffed Paladin or something would work too. I also use Valkyrie to both feed Shadow Hunter and deny mana (green or purple as much as possible).

@Tacet have you done a video of ‘suggest a troop’ lineups? Might be fun to do/see what the game spits out

I have done a version of that where I do a bunch of keys and make a team in the order of the 1st 4 drops. “Suggest a troop” option doesn’t spit out random picks, so I can’t do it that way.

Yeah I realized this soon after with the various iterations on Imp of Love teams. Not to jack your thread but @Sirrian how are these generated. Clearly not random and also clearly a fan of imps.