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So... This week is fun........ Said no one ever

Every single team is Nobend, Queen whateverhername is, and Fizzbang, Mab.

And this is worst then the Psions, Famines, Trolls, Krakens, Goblins easily beats the meta, and I am non stop seeing it…

Sure frustrating and kinda boring…

Please put what you use to defeat below…


I agree that the goblins are no fun.

But, if you are looking to create fun, try:

Attacking with just Fizzbang alone.
You’ll’ be surprise how much you win.

Also, try:
Black Beast
Drake Rider.
Drake Rider.

It actually works fast!
If you face Mab or Sylva, switch a D-R for an Herdmaster.

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I use the same team to beat them ~~
Queen Gobblepot

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I’m looking for something fast, that can beat them before the fizz bang gets mana, OR Ai gets super freaking lucky with those cascades of 10 extra turns, that’s when you’re F****d. Once even one of them gets mana it’s over. Fast, and safe would be nice, but is there anything like that?

I actually find facing them more fun than the usual mana drain retardation.
Obviously this will get old quickly, but so far i played more this week than in most of the previous post-unity weeks combined.
Anything Looping works well enough against them unless unity works its cascade magic, but this is true against any random team now, so i don’t mind.


It’s fun to watch every other match when the cascade happens and you watch all the troops die within .5 seconds, Nonstop goblin loops. :slight_smile: It’s awesome! Least you had a chance against mana drain! :smiley:

This has happened ONLY 2 times against me, out of possible 130 matches against them. But for you it happens every other match? I am not sure what teams you are using countering them? Mind share them? :wink:

And again we must ask you, why all this exaggeration all over again? How about be a little down to earth brudda?


I have just been using my thunder of dragons against them… I havent lost yet

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I’ve used things from skull spams with sheggy, to freeze teams, loops, krakens, again I said fast too :wink: I hate matches that last a minute. I must say, you’ve gotten tons of luck :slight_smile: and again, no one plays like I do, so I know no one knows really what I am saying or much.

Im pretty sure, more then enough people are dealing with this then just you. There is no exaggeration, Im telling it as it is.

If it’s a goblin team without Mab, I use the same team you posted. If it’s a goblin team with Mab, I use gorgotha, Infernus, famine, mercy.


against those goblins, I use
Khorvash, Valk, Mab, Mercy.
Or Mab, Valk, Mab, Mercy

at least with this team you already lowering the chance to watch your teams looped to death

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I have to say. I LOVE this week. It is so fast. Very long week and alot of hours at work. Not much play time. But fizz is so fast I still get a ton of matches in


Goblins are easy to deal with.
Two words…


Thanks guys, some of the suggestions here work and help alot then what I was trying and throwing together! Hopefully will make some of this time this week enjoyable, yes, on the other hand… Gonna be tough for guild wars XD

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Guild wars has been very tough this week against a constant stream of goblin teams. If fizz bang didn’t get an extra turn, I think it would be fairer and less prone to being a spectator sport

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I’ve had a ball this week.
*Not suggesting I’ve consumed a testicle, only stating that I’ve ‘had some fun’.



I see what you did there.


Qu’avez-vous dit?

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