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Goblin teams unbalanced

Does anymore else think goblin teams are far too powerful… I’m playing with all legendary troops and getting wiped out by common to rare goblin troops! Ridiculous. I personally will not form a goblin team thiugh I have the cards.

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Legends are slow, goblins fill fast …

If you want a chance, counter with an equally fast team like Skeleton, Skeleton, Slime, Keeper (or Sheggra or Bone Dragon or Hero + skull spam weapon) …


Thanks! I’ll consider that!

Iam using Wildfolk exploder team with Herdmaster, Soothsayer, Ragnagord and Druid. So far havent lost a single game (although some were close).

Hmmm… I have all of those cards. Just need souls now. I have an inordinate amount of legendary cards… But I have to agree… The mana required makes them slow.

Are you saying that you are losing to Goblin teams when you Invade or Goblin teams are beating you when you defend?

Both … Cannot defeat them when I invade, and these teams keep beating me when I defend. Previous posts were helpful. I need a faster team requiring less mana.

we have another thread about goblins but wait till you fight the “true shot team” or the “worms” team. Good luck

True Shot is your only chance against fully traited goblins :confused:

Glade Warden, Glade Warden, Skeleton, Keeper of Souls with fully traited Glade Wardens will give you a chance against some of these fully traited goblin teams :frowning:

There is no other way to beat a constant loop goblin team with 20 armor, 40 life and 25 attack !!


Glade Warden (fully traited), Skeleton, Sheggra, Sunweaver. The little green B******s don’t stand a chance.

I’ve noticed a trend with True Shot Teams as of late.

They go:
Glade Warden/Centaur Scout (Fully Traited)
Skull Generator (Sheggra, Bone Dragon, Keeper of Souls)
(Good) Filler Mana Catcher/Purple Booster (‘Magic Spirit’ trait)
[+2 Purple Flag]

Basically that’s the solid guide to creating your own effective True Shot team.

This seems strange. What’s your lineup?

Jarl Firemantle, Xenoxia, Webspinner, Celestia

And are the Goblins upgraded/have traits? Are your troops upgraded/have traits?

They get team bonus and often they have traits. My Celestia and Xenoxia are upgraded

Ah. The goblin team I have trouble with is the one that seems fully upgraded and pretty much traited - 23 attack and 30-40 life is pretty hard to overcome (although I did beat one thanks to a lucky streak of skull hits!) But I chalk that up to having a more powerful team overall that was “earned”, if you will; same as any other team that’s in that position.

If the teams were “equal” in terms of bonuses and traits and I was certain I was making the “optimal” game play, then I’d be a bit more worried.

As someone who uses an all-goblin team for offense and defense, I say that no - they are not overpowered. They give me a great sense achievement when I beat a team of legendary characters without losing a single goblin.

Strangest argument I’ve seen in a long time… Care to come again? :slight_smile:

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When you run a worm team and kill all goblins in sight but that is both on offence and defense.

@Pasa, sure, let me try once more.
The question for discussion was: do you think goblin teams are overpowered?
My opinion to the said question was: no, I think they are just perfect.
My reason for that opinion was: goblin teams change the difficulty level of my battles from “somewhat challenging” to “I can practically play this without looking”, which is the precise level of difficulty I want. I think the goblin teams are powered just right and I enjoy playing them.

How’s that?