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Goblin teams unbalanced

The question was not about goblin teams being overpowered when you use them to invade, it was about them being overpowered for other players when you put it on defense. So no, you didn’t really help there.

Wow it seems like Gobbos are becoming even more popular, I swear every other team in pvp is Gobbos! Not that I’m complaining, they are easy to beat. They are most certainly NOT overbalanced.

They’re most certainly overplayed. My team eliminates them fairly quickly thankfully, even faster thanks to the Darkstone magic change. It’s not even a Skeleton or True Shot team in fact, but I’ve ultimately stopped being capable of losing to even fully-traited gobbos. (Yay traits!)

They are however obnoxious with their cheap spell costs and extra turns. Makes opponent’s turns especially boring when Shaman’s loaded and ready to go, leaves me wishing a Sheggra or Bone Dragon shot off instead at the expense of my first troop, but I’ve ultimately stopped caring about such pitiable goblin defenses.

Also, deema, that was a rather ineffective way of explaining why they aren’t OP.

You say, and I quote, “I can practically play this without looking”. And though that’s how you wish to play, that just offers to the contrary of your point. What isn’t OP about a team you can play without paying attention too?

If a puzzle game is played without thought required, it isn’t really much of a puzzle. Makes it sound more like, “Match colorful shapes to the same holes.”


Actually the topic is do you think they are “unbalanced”… As in too powerful or difficukt to beat based on their rarity… Common -ultra rare cards wiping the floor with legendary teams… And yeah, several posters just proved the point. Lol

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Are Goblins overpowered? No, not really. They’re quite easy to beat with a variety of different line-ups.

Are Goblins annoying? Absolutely! Almost 50% of the opponent teams that I see are full Goblin teams. Which is actually starting to make me want to play less… I’d like to see a little more variety in the teams that I face. Right now GoW is actually fairly boring for me.

The problem is not that Goblins are overpowered, the problem is that they’re very, very good and quite easy to get (considering they’re utlra rare or even rare and common), so they’re basically too good for their rarity IMHO…

They are a little bit - all of their spells are a bit under-costed for mana, because of the extra turns, which are worth a minimum of 3 free mana and often more. That probably needs a little tuning.

They’re still one of the few line-ups that is actually good and which gets full type and kingdom bonuses. The cure for that probably isn’t further nerfing but creating more alternatives with more troops.

I’ve been tracking mine for about two weeks and it’s 40% of pvp matches are goblin line-ups… and the next 40% are either dragons or skeletons…


Is it just me or in GWs I’m getting my butt kicked on the first or second turn fighting against goblins and they get 10-20 extra turns back to back and BAM loss!! No matter what team I use I always get messed up! Im almost level 1200 so thats NOT the issue…ughhhh

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I must admit, I haven’t had any issues with Goblins since using a team that’s fully traited and since getting all my kingdoms up to lvl 10 (not even 5 stars across the board).

I use Gloom Leaf, Kyrstenax, Moloch and Infernal King (although I am traiting up Abynissia to replace Krystenax).

Goblin Chomper, Goblin Chomper, Scorpius, Goblin Chomper for the win.

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Gorgotha, Mab, Valkyrie, Mab

A frozen goblin is a dead goblin.

Also, is anyone keeping score on oldest thread necro’d? 'Cause we might have a new record…

I had a lot of problems with Goblins until I was able to build teams that are a hindrance to loopers. That generally means either mana drain, freeze, or building a better looping team.

Emperor Khorvash is a very valuable troop at the front of any team that wants to face goblins. My go-to in PvP for a long time was Khorvash, Valkyrie, Crimson Bat, Mercy. That’s a sort of expensive team, but it worked because it could knock the mana off the first two goblins, slowing down their ability to loop.

Then I got The Dragon Soul and The Worldbreaker and started giving back some of what I’d been getting. That team is Dragotaur, TDS, Venbarak, The Worldbreaker. Obviously since it uses a mythic this team is dreamland for a lot of people. I would love to have Krystenax on it, and I have both Celestasia and Sylvanimora I’d try out if I could trait them. The idea is “TDS, Worldbreaker, and dragons”. This team doesn’t do anything in particular to slow goblins down, but once I start looping TDS and Worldbreaker off of each other I can usually start killing them. If the board doesn’t give me TDS mana, it’s probably giving me Dragotaur and Venberak mana. One helps me kill things faster with skull damage, the other can double the mana they need to get going.

Queen Mab is another troop that can put looping teams in their place, since she freezes a random opponent on 4-5 matches. The team I’m using is Khorvash, Valkyrie, Queen Mab, Mercy. This can be very luck-based like the TDS team. If I get a board without many 4-matches before the goblins start their engines I’m toast, and there’s no real backup plan once they kill a couple of troops.

Goblins is famous for being a high-variance “I Win” button. That means sometimes on defense, even with an anti-Goblin team, you’re going to have to watch them get 20 free turns and obliterate you.

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Well, this is quite the necro.

Anyways, for goblins just realize that Fizzbang will explode way more than she will buff (no, I’m not claiming any AI bias, she does it for me, too). It is not a 50/50 chance to explode/buff as the text would lead you to believe. You have to freeze her or prevent her from casting at all costs (or completely remove greens from the board right before she casts), or you could end up just losing to a chain of explode cascades refilling her and extra turn AoEs from her compatriots.


I think the actual peoblem is the AI can play a gob team well. I.e if gob can cast it casts, then matches 4 green to cast again, which it will.

Better to say a gob team requires less thought or planning than other teams which removes most of the advantage a human gets against the AI.

What I don’t understand is how the enemy AI can use them so well, but “my” AI uses them so poorly. I set a Goblin team as PvP or GW defense and it loses a ton, but if I go up against the same team (all the same troops, order, banner, everything) in PvP or GW, I get to make 3 moves before the enemy AI loops like crazy and I lose.

Think about this, it can’t really be true unless something very strange is true.

Every time you face a PvP or GW Goblin team, you’re facing a team someone else set as their defense team. So you’re fighting the same AI they fight if you set Goblins to your defense teams.

For “your” AI to be worse and “their” AI to be better, there would have to be 2 different AI routines. That’s not so infeasible, maybe the devs did implement some AIs in a range from “dumb” to “smart”.

But for your observation to be true, they’d have to have decided you always get the “dumb” AI, and specifically you always fight against the “smart” AI. It’d be a lot of work to hard-code all of that for a single player. It’d also be fairly obvious if they assigned AI per-player instead of randomly at one particular point in time.

So it’s more likely you’re suffering from confirmation bias, and only remember the losses because they are particularly bothersome. The wins don’t stick out in your mind because they feel like other wins.

My personal experience is I can win about 60-75% of the time vs. Goblins, with the bulk of the losses attributed to “welp they got their colors faster than me”. That looks pretty terrible in terms of defense, it’s a record like 72-58 or 187-63.

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Well, obviously I do win against the Goblins at times, all I’m saying, when I lose against them, it’s usually a hard loss for me, regardless of the team I’m using. If I win, it’s quick. If I lose, it’s quick. That’s all I meant. And I probably have about a 60% win rate on offense.

Defense, though, is ridiculous. I usually lose 75% of the time. And while I can’t see the battles themselves, I can at least see the numbers. And when you go 0/8 (on multiple occasions) in GW, it’s a bit frustrating. The highest i ever seen for my Goblin team in GW was 3/4 and that was one time. They’re usually 0/6 or 1/5 or what have you.

Yet, I can set a Dwarven team week after week and get at least a 60% win rate out of it most times. This whole RNG, luck vs strategy stuff is very maddening sometimes. Its getting to the point where I might as well set an all Dwarven Gate team and see how it goes, because it would probably win as often as some of my other Defense teams. I’m just sick of my piss poor win rates in Defense even when the team itself is good.

That’s a whole lot of necro just to say “the Frozen effect was created specifically to stop Goblin teams”. o.O

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