Team building/troops/bonuses help please

I am not a new player, but I have just recently started playing again. I even got my husband to play on his tablet as well as the XBOX. Although, I have been religiously going back and forth between the wiki and the ashtender database. We are still a little confused on how the team bonuses work. We have a really hard time building decks. My husband’s deck is the
Knight Coronet (blue/yellow)
Shadow Dragon (purple/yellow)
Hero (Merchant’s Blade) (blue/purple)
The Silvermaiden (blue/purple)

He is really set on keeping the Shadow Dragon and the Knight Coronet in his deck, as those are his favorites.
His kingdom is Glacial Peaks and he is using the Frozen Banner (+2 Blue, +1 Purple, -1 Red)
He currently has 2 bonuses Duke of Blades II and Knight Captain I.

Our question is simply this, what can he do to improve his deck, i.e. change troops, kingdoms, ect. to get the best bonuses and a higher deck power? He is open to changing his hero and the silvermaiden. Any suggestions will be helpful. Please be respectful with your answers.

My question is only one, how do you obtain the Mythic troops from Apocalypse, such as War, Famine, Plague and Death, as well as the Elemental Imps?
Thank you in advance and we will welcome any and all help we can get because we love the game but get frustrated because some things are confusing.

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If he wants to keep Knight Coronet and Shadow Dragon and likes team bonus, then I would suggest a Sword’s Edge based team.

Knight Coronet
Shadow Dragon
Queen Ysebelle
I’d suggest the 4th Troop can be Dragon Knight, Valor, Sir Gwayne or Griffin Knight. Or Templar from Whitehelm.

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This way you’ll get the most team bonus (Knight, Human and Sword’s Edge).
Banner I would probably change to at least one of the +1 Green as I would try and get the Queen to cast often.

Getting the mythic though keys from glory, guild, Gem and VIP. Lesser extent through event keys, but only for the associated kingdom mythic.


Hi Heather, looks like you have 2 many cross overs imho with far to many blue purple troops so they’re not going to be used to there fullest. You need to cover as many colours as you can and fully trait them asap. KC fully traited at low tiers is an absolute bully.

My suggestion would be to go

Knights Coronet (Blue/Y)
Shadow Dragon (P/Y)
Giant spider (Blue/G) as it creates purple for the dragon and gives you a mass swarm as well to cover a lost troop
Valkyrie (R/Y) to create blue which feeds Knights Coronet and the Giant Spider!

I’d go Swordsedge but that’s personal choice and use the Blue/yellow flag.

Fully traited it’s a strong team and should last you a long time. I used a very similar team up until L150. You can place in Emp Khorvesh once you have him instead of Knights Coronet.

Good luck


Thank you for help

Thank you so much for your help

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