Team bonuses don't show in Xbox version? "Coming Soon"?


So I’ve been playing around with different teams, and well, you guessed it GOWers, I tried a Goblin team. Much to my dismay, the team bonus wasn’t showing and the box which displays team bonuses and such just says “Coming Soon.”

So of course, I was puzzled, because I always start matches where the opponent has green health/armour. I entered the match with my goblin team–goblin banner, goblin home kingdom–anyway. To my surprise, voila. I had a bonus.

Strange and misleading, wouldn’t you say. No mention of this anywhere in game. Guess my question is, are all the team bonuses, etc. there in the xbox version, just hidden essentially until you utilize the correct troops? Additionally, when I went into the story with the aforementioned team, the bonus was gone, only saw it in PVP.

Thanks as always @505GamesSupport @Sirrian @Nimhain :stuck_out_tongue:


Not hidden as far as I know. I play on the PS4 and the only bonus I get is from the kingdom level. For example my Swords Edge is level 10 so while using that banner my team gets like +2 armor +1 health +1 attack and +1 magic (those green numbers)
So depending on the level of the kingdom whose banner your using you’ll see some small bonuses.
Now I could be wrong and the ginormous (in comparison) kingdom/type bonuses may be secretly implemented on consoles but I doubt it <.< but soon…

Edit: Confirmed no hidden bonuses on PS4. If you were getting the team bonuses your goblins would be getting like +6 attack and +10 health regardless of banner


Oh, no. The bonus is much less. Curious how it doesn’t show up anywhere in the game as to why I have this bonus applied to my characters. If someone can prove that I’m just a blind idiot I’d be thankful all the same :stuck_out_tongue: Help?


If you select your home kingdom there should be an option to push a button to show rewards or something along those lines. Can’t check precise wording at the moment but it should show you a screen similar to the arena awards that’ll show you what bonuses you get at which level. The short version is that the higher the level of the kingdom whose banner you’re using at the time the beefier that team will be. It’s way different from how things currently are on the mobile version an it’s also a bit confusing. Took a bit of work on my part to figure it out for myself

Edit: okay just select your home kingdom and go to the kingdom menu then push (what I’m assuming is) the A button again and it should show you the kingdom level bonuses.


Wow! Thank you very much. There is absolutely no mention of pressing the “A” button to see rewards. Thank you again! :stuck_out_tongue: