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Kingdom Skill Bonus

I stopped playing for a while but have recently started playing again. Do enemies still get your Kingdom Skill Bonuses (magic, attack, life, armor) in battle? e.g. If battle a team and they have X life and then I raise a kingdom to 10 that gives a life bonus, when I fight that same team again, will they have X+1 life?

Yes it’s the way it working, you also got some bonus for using same race and kingdom troops

And every week there is event troop with 10% bonus for the race and 10% bonus for kingdom. The weekly event troop change every week

The AI doesn’t get your kingdom bonus and never did.

Never understood this. What is the incentive (other than 1% increase to get rewards) for me to level to 10% if my enemies get the same bonus? Why is it even in the game?

It’s been a while, but I can tell you for sure (ok, 99%)they used to get them.

Edit: It is/was a console only thing. Here is a link to the conversation about it back in the day. Kingdom magic bonus It does say they found the issue and were working on a fix.

It change the meta every week so we don’t always see the same team over and ovet

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This conversation is very hard to decipher… but you two are not following each other’s points.

The answer to the OP is no.

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Thank you. And yes. Though he was trying to be helpful (thank you) I think Ricky was not answering what I was asking.

Yeah my bad i readed quickly lol unforgiven is right the answer is no sorry again

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I’ll answer the OP question. YES, enemies did get all your bonuses, this was a bug and was patched a long time ago. Level up without worry.

The answer to his question is no though.