Kingdom bonus (+1 in Armor/life/Attack/magic) are missing

Hello I play Xbox one and i have a little mistake.:
My kingdom is at level 9 so I’ve a bonus of +2 in armor, +1 in life, and + 1 in attack.
I had no problem there is 2 weeks, but when I’m playing I ve only a +1 armor bonus and nothing else.
I speak with my Gems of war friends who have the same problem.
Have you some explain. Thanks.

Remember, the bonuses apply to the city the battle is taking place in. So revenges/defends benefit from your home city, but invades look at the city that is being invaded.

Are you not seeing the proper bonuses when you defend?

After many experience I ve discovered something.
Your kingdom is only for cash you won everyday.
The bonus of your army (armor, attack, magic, life) is given by the banner you are using.
(I ve lost my bonus cause i’ve change my banner).
Mystery resolved. Thanks

@Esoxnepa That’s actually incorrect, even though the game tells you that. That’s how it used to be at some point(at least on mobile version), but then it was changed to be purely on banners. For some reason they updated that, but didn’t update the game messages telling you that the bonuses are from your home kingdom.

It’s quite easy to test. Like if I fight in whitehelm, while using a banner from my completely unleveled kingdoms, I get no bonuses. But then if I fight in whitehelm again, or anywhere else, while using the whitehelm banner, then I get my level 10 whitehelm bonuses.

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Exact thoughtfulmoron, the bonus are from the banner you use