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Kingdom magic bonus

Hey guys. I finally finished leveling a kingdom up to lvl 10. I did get +1 magic on every card but every time I play PvP every opponent seems to have the same bonus now. Played around 60 matches from then. Before leveling it up , almost nobody had that bonus. Is it a bug or didnt I understand the sence of the bonus? Hope you understand what I tried to ask I am from Germany. Greetings

Yeah i have the same problem on ps4, and wasted time and tons of gold to level up 11 kingdoms to level 10.
For an example i meet an enemy in pvp yesterday, he had the same stat on a similar troop. Then after the match i had enough gold to level up a kingdom to level 10 which gave me armor bonus. Then i went back to play pvp. I meet the same guy again, and now he also had that armor bonus.
So something is wrong.

I put in a ticket to 505, but they didn´t seem to understand what i was trying to say. They told me it was because i had the same level troop as the opponent.

But they still shouldnt get my kingdom bonus.

Maybe thats an problem on the console versions. I cant imagine thats the way it should be

Nobody having the same issues?

This is what made me not level a kingdom to 10 on pc/app. A long time ago someone said that if you get a kingdom to 10 it would be a global buff to troops not just your own.

umm I wouldn’t really notice a couple points of armor so I dunno…

so there arent any advantages for leveling them to 10??

Does level increase Tribute chance on Console? If so then that would be the main thing, and the mana mastery buff.

Yes leveling a kingdom increases tribute chance and mastery buff. The advantages might still be higher for you but i am not sure if it is meant to work where it is a global buff and not a local buff.

EMoved to console gameplay support.

Kingdoms at ten give you a stat point and a ten percent chance to get a tribute. Tributes are where the real value is IMO. I early well over 1000 souls from tributes alone and that was when I had only half of the kingdoms at three stars. I have not tracked now that I have all but the two new ones

Wait 1000 glory? In one tribute of multiple kingdoms or over the process of a day/week?

Corrected. I meant souls. Although I do get about 4000 glory a week with around 300 matches played so I am picking up roughly 3100 glory a week from tributes. I do not play treasure maps.

If it was glory my kingdoms would be at 10 each.

Also I am hoarding my keys at the moment so the glory greater this week is solely pvp and tributes.

According to 505 we are not seing a bug. But the enemy simply levels up the same kingdoms that you do.

Also when i met an opponent with the same troop stat, after the match i went and level another kingdom to level 10. I then met the same opponent again, and now he/she also gets that bonus. Thats apparently because he/she leveled the same kingdom at the same time as me.

I just find it strange that all my opponents have leveled precisely the same kingdoms as me… Ohh well i give up on trying to get 505 to understand.

I’ve personally had good luck with 505 support. There are console Devs on this forum that are very active and may be able to look into this.

I think you can take advantage of a the PvP Defend bug to test/verify this. Go into Defend, back out and Invade… record the enemy stats. Level a Kingdom to 10. Repeat the first step.

As a side note I’ve been avoiding leveling any Kingdoms without 2 Tasks set on leveling, as I only have 2 upgrades left… then I’ll be stuck with 2 “dead” tasks.

Actually you may have an easier way to test this.

I’ve noticed that while doing challenges against then computer, the teams have higher stats on console compared to doing the same challenge on the pc. I’m wondering if the kingdom bonuses are being factored into that.

Edit: yeah it looks like they are being added as it mostly adds up but there are some weird one offs that don’t add exactly. But there does seem to be related. I’ll add that to an even longer list of differences.

Interesting, so it looks like your personal bonuses apply for the enemy in both PvP and Story/Challenges. No wonder why I felt ho-hum about leveling a Kingdom…

true. Still dont get it why there is any bonus

Did test it with the revenge bug and its true the enemy gets your bonus…