Kingdom bonus clarity

I really appreciate it when things are made crystal clear, when it comes to kingdom bonus this is not the case.

I truly have no idea what the heck kind of bonusses im getting for my home kingdom and if it even matters to have it maxed (lvl10) and if so in what way.

The information provided is chaotic and i also still have no clue what the +1 skill bonus does (for lvl10 kingdom)

I know theres lists but those lists are so cluttered with information its a horrid read on its own.

Also still dont know if i get the bonusses from other kingdoms if they are not my home kingdom, would be nice to know.

I heard ppl say that some kingdoms give +magic bonusses but i take it thats only when they are home kingdom?

Confusing, especially since pc and console kingdom bonusses arent the same model…

Thanks in advance to someone who can explain these things coherently.

ps. for the record i have swords edge as my home kingdom cause i dorne coronet in 1st position and hes my main tank/card in my deck.

Kingdom bonuses are applied regardless of whether or not they’re your home kingdom.

If you look at the first tab on the kingdom page you’ll see a heart, shield crossed swords or a magic symbol. All of your troops get this bonus when in battle. The +1 skill for I believe power level 5 means that whatever kingdom is applicable will now give your troops +2 of that skill

hmm took me ages to lvl my home kingdom to lvl10 and obstructs me from aiding my guild… :s really hate how kingdom lvl is now only obtained with gold grrr…

So only troops that are alligned with the respective kingdom you lvl get the bonus?

As far as I know, the only benefits of having one home kingdom instead of another is that all of your revenge battles will take place there, and whatever that kingdom tributes, it will give double

No all troops get the bonus, if you level karakoth to level 10 (which gives the magic bonus) every single troop in your deck will receive that bonus, it just doesn’t show unless you’re in a match.

brb lvling karakoth


Level 10 cities is critical. I’ve all mine at 10 and all my troops get +5 attack +6 life +6 armor +1 magic, or close to that. Hero didn’t get the bonus but I think last update fixed that.
Tribute really adds up too with lots of high level cities. Next you want to gold star the city to get double tribute, 4x if it’s home kingdom. Pick a home city that gives only souls or glory since gold is easy, and try to gold star it first.

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pffff thats going to take aaaaages… :confused:

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takes awhile to level those kingdoms but a nice permanent benefit to all your troops once its done

All kingdoms lvling to 10 is easy, but that damn stars are hard Work…


true stars are a lot harder than just kingdom level

true stars are a lot harder than just kingdom level

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    Stupid trait stones and their ultra rare friends…
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Its true ive been trying to get an arcane blade traitstone for ages now (actually need 2 or 3 dont remember sight, got a few blood and celestial ones though ohwell) but come on guys i think youre playing-down the gold part, i dont know if youre all in some ultra active super guild that throws gold at you 24/7, i need to work hard for my gold, most ppl in my guild arent even active anymore. ;l Maybe just 2 of em still throw some gold in sigh. 11/30 members even.

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active maybe different PS4/xbox but what you just described on PC is not active at all much less a “ultra active super guild”

Hello! I really LOVE the new kingdom level system. Let me explain it to you, and hopefully you’ll get to love it as well.

Firstly - you really need to think of everything in terms of TRIBUTE. Those are the resources you get for each kingdom when you collect your hourly gold.

Each kingdom’s level is the chance that it will tribute. So a level 1 kingdom has just a 1% chance, while a max-level-10 kingdom has a 10% chance of giving tribute.

Getting tribute is probably the MOST IMPORTANT WAY to gain resources, especially souls & glory. So you really want your kingdom levels increased. I suggest leveling all kingdoms to 5 or 6 ASAP. This will dramatically increase your tribute income - making everything else easier.

If you think in terms of tribute, then going from level 9 to level 10 for 40,000 gold isn’t really worthwhile. But that’s why getting that last level also gives you a +1 bonus to a stat. That bonus applies to PvP, Quests, and Challenges. It does NOT apply in the arena. That bonus applies to ALL TROOPS and your hero - all the time. Very exciting - but I still say getting all kingdoms to level 5 or 6 is a better initial investment.

Setting a home kingdom does two things for you - it sets WHERE you collect your hourly tribute, and it DOUBLES the tribute that kingdom gives. So Whitehelm drops 20 Glory instead of 10, if it’s your home kingdom. (You still only have a max 10% chance of Whitehelm actually giving tribute each time, of course.)

Got all that? Then let’s look at the next level of improving tribute - KINGDOM POWER. This number goes up with # of troops you own, their traits, and their levels. Getting 1 gold star doubles the tribute a kingdom drops. (If it’s also your home kingdom, that’s 4x total!) Getting 3 gold stars doubles the % chance the kingdom will tribute (up to 20% max!). Getting 5 gold stars (A VERY difficult task!) doubles the stat bonus for your troops.

Kingdom power is a long term goal - but it’s an important part of the sequence:

  • Level kingdoms to 5 or 6, to get your tribute % high.
  • Work on getting 1 gold star in kingdoms that provide good tribute.
  • Work on getting some kingdoms to level 10 - look for good tribute & stats you like.
  • Keep increasing power and level until the day that all of your kingdoms have 1 gold star and are level 10.
  • Try for 3 gold stars in the kingdoms you have 8 or 9 troops in.

Ok so lets say my main deck is coronet, alastair, paladin and rowanne, my home kingdom is swords edge wich i have lvled to lvl 10 (took me a LONG time) (is that a good kingdom? I think so cause its coronet kingdom but i dunno how that affects coronet… hm)

What else do i need to think of? I will try to get all my kingdoms lvl5 first from now on… jus spent 15k on getting 50 cards but most of those cards were very bad ohwell.

Ill spend it on kingdoms now.

Dont know how to make kingdoms get 3gold stars, it took a long time for me to get swords edge to 1 gold star… I liked the old kingdom system for 'leveling the kingdoms better cause it costs way too much to get gold, yesterday i went from rank15 to rank1 and made like 10k doing so. :confused:

Thanks so far for the answrs btw.

Kingdom level does not matter at all for your troops, other than the bonus for hitting level 10, which applies to ALL troops.

To get gold stars, you need to level up troops. 7 troops at level 10 gets you pretty close to 1 gold star. This encourages you to level ALL your troops in a kingdom to about 10. Getting a single troop from 10-15 costs much more than getting several troops from 1-10. So to be efficient with your souls, do the lower levels firsrt!

Obviously you want to go all the way to max level for the troops you like to use in your armies.

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Well not level but does it matter that my home kingdom is swords edge for having coronet as my first card in the deck? also is there a list of what different kinds of bonusses tributes give per kingdom

Yes. This list includes some Kingdoms that consoles don’t have yet, but should otherwise be correct for consoles.

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Thanks, i gues i chose the best kingdom with swords edge huh, both gold and valor are pretty high :slight_smile:

Hmmm, when will there be a new kingdom? (last kingdom we got was groshnak) i hope there will be more blue gem kingdoms and would also be nice if there were more blue gem summoning cards like valkyrie, i think thats the only one right now…