Entire team starting with Armor and/or Life Bonuses in PvP? (not of the same kingdom either so it can't be banner bonuses?)

Can anyone explain why some teams I face in PvP have green buffed life and armor starts even before the first turn? In each instance it’s been ALL the troops on the team not just one or two the way it used to be with Kingdom banner bonuses, and the troops all hail from different kingdoms in any case.

Clearly there’s an aspect of this I’m unfamiliar with but it happens often enough that I’d love to know how it’s done.

Absolutely love the game but really wish there was a much more comprehensive knowledge base.

Thanks for any insight you can share!

Bonuses come from:

  1. Having multiple troops from the same Kingdom.
  2. Having multiple troops of the same type (Knight, Marauder, Giant, Dragon, etc)
  3. Having 1 or more Kingdomes levelled to 10. Karakoth grants +1 magic, others grant attack/life/armour bonuses.
  4. Having your difficulty setting increased

Those are all the possible bonuses.

Also, Banners are no longer associated with Kingdoms at all; they just give mana bonuses when matching gems.

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Assume this is just the stat boosts from that player having lots of level 10 Kingdoms?

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