PS4 Kingdom bonuses

My home kingdom just hit level 8 on ps4 , which gives +1 attack but I don’t get the 1 extra attack? Nobody on my arena team gets the boost nor for my pvp team.

the bonus apply when you reached level 10 :wink:

I don’t think PS4 has 1.0.8 update yet !

Back on track, I must say I don’t really remember the old system, but from what I read, bonus are dependant of the banner you use. Use your home kingdom’s banner to get that bonus. (I might be wrong but that’s worth the try I guess :slight_smile: )

I used the banner of the kingdom and it gave me the armor and attack bonuses.

Is tribute bonus % the only thing that matters with a home kingdom?

So in the pre-1.0.8 (if I remember correctly), kingdoms would give bonuses based on what kingdom you were fighting in so doing a pvp battle in Khaziel would give any bonuses from Khaziel.

It is this currently for console :slight_smile:

The home kingdom bonus applies to your defenses and when invading someone else of that kingdom.

Any other time you are using the kingdom level of wherever the battle is taking place.

Nope that’s incorrect. I know people are trying to help but I always see a lot of incorrect answers when it comes to the console.

The console is not on 1.06 nor is it fully on 1.07 so it’s a bit unique.

The bonus system is tied to the banners at this time. Home kingdom doesn’t really matter outside of tribute bonus. It doesn’t matter where I fight if I use ghulvania, swords edge, whitehelm, khaziel, or broken spire banner I get the bonus magic point.

yep, sorry my answer was for 1.0.7, not for the 1.0.7 lite

Not surprising considering the phrasing for half the console version is convoluted at best and wrong at worst.