Player Synergizing

Don’t know quite how much this would affect the overall team building within the game, but what if changing your players race/home kingdom actually affected the team buffs rather than simply being cosmetic.

IE, having a wargare player on a team with 3 other wargare troop would give you the wargare general buff rather than the previous level, or having your home kingdom be Maugrim Woods along with 3 other Maugrim Woods troops would give you the king of wolves buff instead of the previous level, etc etc

Don’t know exactly just how OP the actual player as a troop gets near the end game even without those buffs, so just throwing the idea out there

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I thought about it, but then I remember we already have classes, each of them has a perk that makes the hero count as something like mech, giant or even centaur. So I think other races like wargare and raksha will come with new classes. Each of them can also give a home kingdom bonus if you level the class to 10.


Ah, never realized that, haven’t bothered fiddling with classes yet but that makes sense

What would be cool I think, is some stat bonus or mana surge chance bonus, for using a kingdom banner with that kingdom’s troops.