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Power level bonus for Primal/Apocalypse/Guardians

Primal, Apocalypse and Guardians don’t have any bonus like the other kingdoms. EDIT: bonus coming from the power level (ie stars), like gold or the stats bonus.
And so, it’s difficult to trait their troops because in terms of passive boost, it’s meaningless…

Why? Can they have their own bonus (because only 4/6 troops)?

I don’t have enough to make a team of only Apocalypse troops, but here.

Edit: I can get a two troop bonus from it, so this is proof that there IS a kingdom bonus.

Oh sorry, I talked about the income bonus. Power level I think…
I will update the first post to make it less confusing.

Oh. You do know that stat bonuses from a kingdom (Level 10/5 stars) apply to ALL troops, right? Not just troops of that kingdom

Yes but for example we don’t have any stat bonuses coming from these 3 kingdoms.

Because they aren’t really “kingdoms”. Just troop classifications. Like, there isn’t a specific place on the map where the four horsemen would gather. Or the imps, especially because there is only ever one out at a time. Guardians though, could be part of some sort of Guild Hall location on the map if they wanted to add it

There are not kingdoms because devs decided it. Do you really think that the 4 Horsemen don’t take a beer at home?
Yes it seems imps are unique but they can also have a home… Imp-land.

It can be portals going to other plans (like in Planescape) or whatever. My point was more about getting some passive bonus (stats/gold) when we trait these troops.

More like Servers-land, where they like to hang out and break things for all of us to ‘enjoy’.

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