Kingdom Mini Game


After reading several posts, I think I see a great opportunity for a new addition to the game. Trait stones are supposed to be pseudo kingdom specific, and some requests have gone around for a better way to get them. Also I am seeing some requests for more “PvE” endgame content. Based on experience with other games, people seem to like the concept of an “endless” or “horde” mode gameplay element which GoW does not currently have.

Combining all this together while watching code run at work left me with the following skeleton of a suggestion:

A kingdom based endless mode similar to challenges, but more random and well… endless. Rewards would be primarily traitstones with some other resources relative to the kingdom thrown in (base it off their tribute).

So the player after careful consideration of possible rewards in the realm of gold, glory, souls, and trait stones would choose a kingdom to play in. They would then engage in successive battles against random creatures (4 at a time) from that kingdom. Each of these would be a “wave”. After each wave a new set of 4 creatures (from that kingdom only) would be chosen and their levels would be advanced. Eventually traits would be added in as well as ascended versions of the troops. Perhaps after all troops are coming out mythic with full traits and the player is still winning successive waves start to experience difficulty type increases (+5% stats per wave, etc).

The only healing applied to the player’s troops would be what they bring with them, and lost troops would not be replaced. The player would be responsible for coming up with a team strategy hardened enough to survive the loss of troops as well as consider healing / life / armor gain. Boosts to cards would have to be considered, clearly if someone spent the “Easy” tiers powering up an immense insert buffable monster here that would be a problem for later tiers. Perhaps buffed stats would lose half their buffed value or something, I really don’t have a great answer there and am interested in what peeps think would work.

Rewards would be some kind of random roll based on overall waves cleared as well as specific waves cleared. Maybe waves 1 - 5 roll on minor trait stone tables, 10 - 15 roll on major tables, etc. (Those numbers would need some serious review and are for discussion purposes only) Each of these rolls would be factored higher in quantity based on the number of waves cleared to encourage people to go as far as possible. Gold / glory / souls payouts would be some function or roll based on the kingdom you are playing in.

Curious what other people think. I think it would be an interesting addition to the game that would also help some with a couple different requests I have seen for improvement. I am always for a way to structure my gameplay around the rewards I wish to achieve. Currently we have Arena for souls, Invade for Gold and glory, treasure maps for gems, and keys. Nothing really covers the trait stones because they are a new resource. Adding in a new mini game to go with them would be kind of interesting and fun.

Clearly not something I would expect to see tomorrow. Just kind of a food for thought the devs are welcome to laugh at, use, consider, or completely ignore. :smiley:



Yeah I like it. A “proving grounds” kind of game would be nice and add a little something to pass the time besides invading. +1 on this. A really cool idea Ive see on many others games but never thougt it could be actually develop on GOW.


Un-biased response, nothing to do with how upset I am about Arcane Traitstones in some of the posts you just read…

I like your skeleton so far. I think the endless-mode concept is something we don’t have in GoW yet and could be fun. If each ‘wave’ was actually a new battle, we wouldn’t end up with Gloom-Sunweaver-Sheggra-Keeper, or whatever, absolutely wrecking face for days. To keep the endless-mode feel, it could be made so it just refreshes the playing field without displaying all the rewards and having an ‘in-between the battle’ part and so on. Making it function like the Arena but without an upper limit could also work, but the endless-mode feeling is important.

This kind of thing actually reminds me of Greater Rifts in D3. @Sirrian I know you get my reference. Well, probably. Anyway, that part of the game is the ENTIRE end-game in D3 now, leaderboards and rewards and so on, so this is something really worth looking into.

Only thing we would then need to add is RANDOM Endless Mode! For the ultimate end-game replayability!

I keep thinking of more reasons this is an awesome idea. It gives us reasons to actually go and make a huge variety of teams. If we want to go fight, say, Pridelands, we make up some team with anti-beast/wildfolk troops. Or going against Zaejin, we bring anti-Goblin troops and things that convert green mana.

And the ability to go in and counter things is fine, because they can be set to start at level 20 or something.


I’m all in on this idea, I especially love how it can help us make more teams, and play in different ways!


i like the skeleton and hope this is better than the mini game i suggested.


This idea is excellent, and is very similar to a ‘survival mode’ idea that was discussed here a while ago…

+1 from me, ideally with an execution that brings some random spice / puzzles / buffs / debuffs to it, not just endless waves of steadily bigger numbers…


Ooo… the idea of skulls circa Halo would be really interesting. Things like Drought Skull, -1 to blue and yellow on match, +1 to red on match. Or City Walls Skull. All defender Knights regenerate 1 point of armor each turn, Marauders have -2 Attack. Varying per individual battle. That kind of stuff would be interesting for sure.



Varying per individual battle is good. The possibilities are endless.

Different things at the start.
Specific starting grids.
Different gem spawn rates.
Different mana from matches.
Totally new gems.



+1 this, as well. The skeleton is a great idea! This could be the perfect chance to address all the power creep/resource gain to cost/pvp difficulties for “average” players issues. Could give players several options on where they want to focus their game time, pvp, Arena, story/challenges, mini-game, to get their resources and not feel handicapped if they’re not a long-term and/or heavy-paying customer.

Kudos on your idea and thanks for sharing it!


We would totally need the ranking ladder tho.