In-Universe Lore?

I was just wondering if there’s any in-universe lore that the devs (or others) can give us that hasn’t been included in game dialogue/text? I love the game and the universe you’ve created and would love to know as much about it as I can.

Questions in particular I have:

  • Do the separate islands (i.e the mainland + the southern Zhul’Kari-Leonis Empire island) have separate names?

  • Can we know more about the gods who created Krystara (to my knowledge, Gard, Anu, Yasmine, Orpheus, Nysha, Morthani and Stonehammer)?

  • Is there a history of kingdoms/races? (e.g. Settites vs Anubites in Khetar, how kingdoms were founded)

  • Character history/info that isn’t included in questlines?

I’d love to know as much as possible. Of course, if certain info might spoil upcoming game features, or if lore just isn’t written, I’m totally fine not knowing :slight_smile:


i think card falavor text containing hints about world lore would be much cooler then the random semi-funny text it has now

it could become a puzzle that players have to patch toggether for the bigger picture, imagine how amazing for the nerds :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree with all of this and I will take this opportunity to add my request from long ago…

Make the quest lines replayable!
I would love to be able to re-experience those early quests. I know there are things that I will appreciate far more now that I know Krystara so much better! :wink:


I know it’s not the same as playing them, but you can re-read the questlines at:


Well, I remember history of Etheria and coming Daemons there - it was for “Warlords” and “Warlords Battlecry” series. Didn’t anyone make similar history (mythology) for Krystara?

I wrote a fan fic here last year.
It’s not canon, but maybe this might interest you.

I’ve been planning to write Book 2, but real life keeps happening :confused: Maybe I’ll have more time later this month…


I too am thinking of restarting my fanfic serial Finnigan Hinklebolt: Apprentice… Ordinaire.

@Nullings if you have an interest please let me know in that thread! I’m gauging interest atm. :wink:

Link: Finnigan Hinklebolt: Apprentice... Ordinaire (A GoW Fan Fiction)

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I think having a larger lore than the bits and snips at in-game progression dialogue would be a very nice addition. Though granted would take time to flesh out a seamless story with all the current applicable troops. And do it in such a way that builds interest and promise without ruining any aspects of them in the same instance. So would really support if they fleshed out universe lore more.

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