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Finnigan Hinklebolt: Apprentice... Ordinaire (A GoW Fan Fiction)

FH: A…O, Prologue

“Finnigan, I wouldn’t…”
“That Bombot needs serious…”
“Relax everybody…” said Finnigan, as the workplace breathed a collective sigh of relief, believing the threat had passed. The Adanan maintenance workers were suddenly choking on that sigh as Finnigan turned back to the malfunctioning bot. “… besides what are the odds that another one…”


“Have you ever noticed how peaceful the world is…? Particularly after you’ve been blown up? Sure most people only complain about the blindness and the incessant ringing in their ears, but I prefer to look on the bright side. In those moments, when your mind is completely opened from the shock of unparalleled pain, the world is bathed in the purity of true white; and all the chaotic noise of a topsy-turvy world is erased. One finds genuine respite, blanketed in the the slow pulse of your own heart beating in your partially damaged ear drums.”

“Hi. My name is Finn, well Finnigan Hinklebolt to be exact. This is my story, or well the beginning of… um, I guess technically it’s somewhere in the middle, as my birth would be the beginning beginning, but that’s a story for another day… so… what was I saying… AH, YES! This is the beginning of THIS story!”

Author’s Note: Finnigan Hinklebolt: Apprentice… Ordinaire, is a Gems of War Fan Fiction penned by yours truly, efh313. I will be releasing it episodically, following the tradition of serials of the past. My goal is to try and drop a bit more of the story each month until the story is told. We shall see how it unfolds together. To all who choose to take this journey with me… Thank You and Enjoy!

Second Author’s Note: Feel free to discuss the story in the thread below, this is an extremely creative community and though I have an outline that takes Finn from beginning to end, there are many details yet to be determined, and it might be fun to incorporate some of your musings and suppositions into the plot. Thanks again! :wink:

Episode Links:
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5


Cool idea… I’d hope though you might update more frequently than once a month, if you can manage it…


I want to be “realistic” about the schedule I set for myself. The last thing I need is this feeling like “work”. That being said, if I have more completed and ready to post then I will do so. :wink:


Link to Prologue

FH: A…O, Episode 1

“Oh, I better run, it looks like I’m about to regain consciousness! Don’t fret, we’ll get to chat again…”

“Finnigan! FINN!” the short dwarf cradled the lanky human in his arms for a moment, worry and concern fighting for dominance on the battlefield of his face, before he reaches back and slaps the human square across the jaw. The fierce wake up call left four pudgy finger prints upon Finnigan’s pallid skin and rattled his head violently. “Damn it, boy! You’ll be the death of me, yet!” grumbled the upset dwarf. “If you die now… I’ll kill you! So wake up you wee lad…” “Dad… Daddy?” asked Finn, just starting to make out contrasting black shapes against the white of everything else. “Well, I’m the closest thing you’ve got lad, but you haven’t never called me Daddy afore…” answered the dwarf. “What?” asked Finn as world slowly came further into focus. Realizing he was clutching the dwarf tightly, he quickly let go, wiping his hands uncomfortably against his slightly singed and still smoking smock.

“Sorry, Sparky. I… uh… guess this one really rattled the old noggin’.” Finnigan embarrassingly apologized. “It’s amazing you still have a noggin’ to rattle. What is this your… thirty-fifth…” “Thirty-seventh…” “THIRTY-SEVEN EXPLOSIONS! THIS YEAR! What are we going to do with you?” Finnigan could feel the eyes of the maintenance workers peircing his thin hide, but Sparkgrinder forged ahead oblivious to the world around them. “I pulled some strings to get the Royal Engineer to give you a shot in the maintenance department but…” “I know: ‘You won’t always be here to pick me up off my arse…’” Finn interrupted with a mocking impersonation. “Don’t take that tone with me boy! I am a personal friend and confidant to the Hero of Krystara and when that call comes, I must abide. And you will be on your own. For better… or worse.” Chagrined, Finnigan made to apologize. “Save it! We all say things we don’t mean when we’ve just been Kaboomed by a Bombot.” The two shared a moment of silence, words passed that neither could voice. “Thanks, Sparky.” “Oh for the love of all things Holy! How many times do I have to tell you: When we’re at work call me…”


Author’s Note: Here is a special post just for @jainus. Hope you didn’t have to wait too long for this one. Who could be yelling for Sparkgrinder? Find out in Finnigan Hinklebolt: Apprentice… Ordinaire, episode 2, coming soon to a forum near you!

Link to Episode 2


I bet it’s Ghiralee :slight_smile:


Can you add a torrid love story between Finn and Ghiralee?

Please and thank you. :kissing_cat:


And then they find out that they’re actually twins separated at birth to protect them from their evil father. Wait, that sounds familiar… :innocent:


@beanie42 Maybe you can help me decide what color Emperor Khorvash lightsabre should be?



:laughing: I see what you did there…


Red… No question

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Also if that is the direction your story will take dont forget what my title is :yum:


Purple, of course.

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Here this might help

I hate to disappoint, but while my music tends to parody, I have no intention of Finnigan’s story being a parody of Star Wars. :wink:

Though it would be fun to write something about the GoW troops having a Star Wars cosplay competition… :thinking:


I agree no need to force SW into another good story… A different story perhaps but not this one… I was as usual being silly lol

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@Vangor I know you were joking. :wink:

EDIT NOTE: Edited OP to include a link to first episode and will continue to link future episodes. :wink:

Thanks again to all those who have read and contributed to the conversation so far!


Just a note for future, maybe you put the link to the previous post at the top of this one, and then when the next part comes out, a link at the end to the next one. That way you can just click through all the stories.


Great suggestion!
I will adjust Episode 1 to include a link to the OP too, as its essentially the prologue. :wink:

:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Comment here so that i can get good updates on the story

You know you can just change the tracking of the thread without commenting, right? :sweat_smile:

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