Calling all creative writers: any interest in writing GoW lore?

It’s been almost 2 years since Sirrian concluded the Lorekeeper, and I really miss reading lore about troops. I wondered about getting the community to write some troop lore to plug the gap? I have a few ideas and half written stories myself. I wondered if anyone else would be interested in writing some more stuff on a semi regular basis? It would be great to organise so someone posts once a week if possible.

We have loads of troops with no lore. Some from kingdom releases even when there was lore. Some that straight up got ignored. And many more that have been released since the official lore posts stopped.

My idea is this:

  • Get all the contributers in a PM and try and coordinate who will post when, with the aim for at least 1 post per week. I have about 4 posts worth of content mostly ready to go.
  • Content can be in any format you want. Third person, narrated, first person, excerpts from diaries/texts, whatever takes your fancy. My idea is that each post should relate to a troop for which no officia lore was posted. But you could do like the Lorekeeper and write a multi chapter story, or individual posts unrelated to each other.
  • We try and be consistent with the lore that Sirrian has already posted. Anything in the game or posted by Sirrian is canon.
  • It’s not essential that all community lore is consistent. Community lore is not canon.
  • Any discrepancies between community lore can be explained by the fact that each of us is the hero in our own GoW universe, and as parallel universes they have diverged at various points across time.

Anyone interested?



Fun idea. Even short blurbs like what used to accompany troop releases would be appreciated.


Hero? I assume I’m the villain, murdering random creatures who have done me no wrong…I’d feel better if occasionally AI went first…then I can claim self defense.


While i don’t really have a desire to do the creativity, I certainly wouldn’t be averse to reading it! It would certainly make for a change in the normal gobbledygook on here.

So from a reader’s perspective I say go for it! What’s the worst that can happen? I look forward to it.

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I agree, and that would be a very interesting angle to explore!

I’m interested - Will we get feedback from GOW folks to make sure we stay within their ideas?


I can try asking Salty but I get the impression they’re too busy

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