More races for Heroes

Continuing the discussion from Kingdom Preview: Wild Plains!:

I support this idea so much, I started a new thread requesting it. Certainly Tauros and Dwarves would lend themselves to being additional Hero races.

Dark Elves would also be nice, as they are a pretty known species of Zhul’Kari.

Also, very much yes on the Taursos.

No list would be complete without Imps.

I’d also say Goblin, but that wouldn’t work with some of the stories.

That could be funny, a goblin hero helping Sir Brian in Zaejin, beat up goblins.

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Maybe they are a goblin from a different tribe using that foolish knight to rid themselves of their competitors. Just imagine once he toddles off to do knightly things in someone else’s backyard. You would get Zaejin all to yourself since all the other goblin tribes (and a few ogre ones too) are crushed. Nothing like using a hapless knight to clear out the competition. Thems just good goblin tactics! ;}