Gems Of War Chronicle

Complete version: update 06/11/2017

For more details : GoW Website

I thank @Nimhain for his precious help and the little intro of this image.
I hope you like it and that it will be useful to you.
If you notice any errors, please leave me a pm.

For your pleasure :wink:KaYa


and i place this post in community guide but not sure…better in gameplay chat ???

Nah its good in guides. Nice one! :slight_smile:

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Really nice graphic you have there. It is interesting to see how far the game has come.

Very nicely done… surely between us we can rustle up / remember what came before?

EDIT: pretty sure the event just before your start date was Ragnagord…

and before that was Sylvasi?

I love it! Great job Kaya!

I suspect that going backward through spell IDs, which are assigned consecutively, will help jog memories. I didn’t play back then, though.

The easiest method is to go to the home page of GoW. The added event troop is in the thumbnail of every single one along with the date it was released. No one really uses those pages anymore ever since this new forum got running.

Sylvasi Dec 8 2014
Ragnagord Dec 22 2014

Literally the only troops missing. Prior ones were existing troops (Spider Queen, Flame Cannon, etc).

Actually not etc. Just those two existing ones as well. Before that was nothing!!

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Someone may be telling us the date of departure from the game … ???

It feels like Mercy has been in the game for a year with how OP she is. xD

She is just so vital to many teams.

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This is awesome. Would also be nice to list out major feature additions with the updates. Newer folks will certainly appreciate seeing that some of their fav aspects of the game haven’t always been available.

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No worries, just need help finding this information and don’t forget some

arena; treasure hunt; traits-runes-ascension; class… it’s what you mean?

Yeah, exactly. Like new people don’t even know Ascension is a recent thing.

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i allready modify the file, is it clear or not enough…? must detail more…?
perhaps for patch 1.0.8 must detail traits, ascension???

ix-nay on the erf-nay

wrings hands


Damn… When I first player GoW, it was Spider Queen’s week !
Yet I’m so far from lvl 1000 for such an old player ._.


Same here zelarith, I’m not yet to 300!


I came during Spider queen event too.

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She’s not the only one, here’s kaya’s angel ^^