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In 3 weeks of GW we've had 3 members quit the game permanently

What is guild hopping?

It’s when everyone in the guild coordinates to hop on one foot while playing… in MatchMasters we do this on a Thursday… it’s one of the secret codes to get bonus GW points.

If you post a video of you doing this, @sirrian or @Saltypatra give out prizes.


In our guild it’s on friday and on console @Alpheon give the prizes


Well we did lose one player, even in a relaxed environment. However, I don’t know if that was stress over playing GW. Or He didnt like the format of GW. Or He did like the typing Guild Wars in chat.:wink: He didn’t specify other than he was leaving because of GW.

I’m saying with relaxed requirements all the stress is what YOU alone personally bring to the game. In a high requirement Guild you have that in addition the expectations of your guild mates, the GM, winning every battle with the correct color, having 4 troops alive at the end, having resources to max Sentinels, playing almost EVER single day, etc.

A lot of the top guilds are following the later, and I see the members postings in chat: they seem to be disgruntled over GW.

EDIT: I don’t really understand your comment about “no matter how many times you say its not”. I haven’t posted that info before.

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You guys hop on one foot? We use pogo sticks… In January it was icy out… Pandemonium ensued


You all still do this? :astonished:
In Mean Machine we got tired of it, so now we make Angry Sprockets do the hopping. Oh, and don’t worry, they send us the bonus points via the secret in game mail the devs unlock once they know you’re an active hopping guild. :sunglasses:


I personally would like to see a 25 player weekly guild war involvement limit to allow people who can’t play for various reasons like holidays etc, a break. As they’re in the guild they’ll still get the rewards. If everyone wants in then just take it in turns to have a break or choose the 25 best scoring players from your guild roster. We’re all grown ups I’d imagine, it shouldn’t be too hard to arrange amongst the guild.
I think fortnightly gw also might not be a terrible idea, but as there’s some pretty angry folks here I’d hate to stir up a shitstorm with a any ideas of mine.


I think this is a great idea, I wish the devs would listen @Saltypatra @Nimhain


I apologize, it feels like three years. I rounded up. I started when the troop of the week was Ragnagord, if I recall correctly, so I’m sure it’s probably closer to 2 years. I also didn’t know enough to get him so it took almost a year before he showed up in a chest drop for me. This was also when events lasted 2 weeks and time moved slower.

I just played way more casually until this past year when I joined Dragon’s Peak and decided that the rewards of a top tier guild was worth putting in the extra effort to keep guild mins. That’s why I only recently crested level 1000.

Thank you Mariana

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@Dan_ozzzy189 @Mariana
This was discussed at length by the community & commented on by the developers a month ago. The idea might have already been incorporated in the next upcoming patch, or it might not have.


No need to, jus’ yankin’ your chain :smiley:

That was Christmas 2014… only a few weeks after release. I think my first event week was the Spider Queen one. I refer you to @KAYA43V3R 's excellent chronology here… Gems Of War Chronicle

Grats on your Sammy :smiley:

And sorry for going off-topic :smiley:

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Thanks, glad someone else has already thought about this.

Sorry, I was speaking figuratively. I was meaning you specifically.

In our guild, we’ve said over and over again that losses don’t matter, just have fun and for some people it just doesn’t work. They’re still stressed by GW and nothing we say helps.


Still, no feedback from the developers on this matter.

Couple weeks further and now i am starting to notice a declining interest in Guild Wars in our guild. How can we stop it?

GW? Or the decilne? :wink:

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The decline. Guild wars can stay (if demotions/promotions are proper done), although i would like to play them less frequently. That should have been thought over from the start. Everybody could see this (decline) coming. Should have been an “monthly event” instead of a daily routine.

GW has already come close to making me quit the game too, and my guild doesn’t even require participation in it in any way! I’m sure it’s all been said many times already, but the problem really isn’t 5 matches (and losing in them) versus however many “normal” pvp matches you do a day, it’s the fact that losing even one plain simply screws you over for that day (and possibly entire week), and you can’t retry or anything. In normal pvp all you lose is the time spent on the match, and a couple of rating points (which to me matter nothing at all once I get the rewards from reaching 1900 on any given week).

AND add to that the gigantic stress of trying to decide whether to risk it with your mono-colored team of the day against yet another uber fully traited Forest Guardian Kerberos (or double Famine) team, AND the stress of having to do it every damn day (apart from Monday, and even as I write this on a Monday I feel my blood pressure rising). When I realized just how much GW was making me literally HATE this game, I decided I’d just screw it, ignore colours and go with my favourite Valk Justice Mab variation, depending a bit on opposing team and MAYBE day’s colour (i.e. Gorgotha on yellow days etc.), and if I lose I lose while having tried it with my strongest possible team.

So to recap, AI getting a cascade on first turn and Kerberos devouring my key troop does make me angry in normal pvp too, but I don’t really lose that much from it. The same happening in GW makes me hate the whole damn game because the entire day becomes worthless.

It’s also horrible and not at all fun fighting endless combinations of Kerberos and Forest Guardian and/or Famine with death knight heroes, over and over and over. I went from really disliking devour (and death mark with it’s 90% kill rate during the first turn) to absolutely LOATHING them, they are the two things I would just remove from the game entirely if it were up to me. But I’m still playing, I just try to care less about winning and losing in GW now.


the most amusing part of GW is that it took a year for the devs to come up with something that more akin to my cat coughing up a hairball every 3 days.