In 3 weeks of GW we've had 3 members quit the game permanently

I’m not asking the devs to change anything.

10% of users [3 out of 30] uninstalling an app over a new feature seems like the sort of thing an app development team would want to know.

We are (or were–it’s hard to win with 28 or 29 members) Top 20 and Tier 2 Guild.
My guess is GW is fine in the low brackets. Frankly, I’m grateful to be in Tier 3 (rewards are fixed) but I wish that it didn’t have to come at the expense of fellow guildies’ happiness.

We’ve also had people leave the guild for various reasons that may or may not have been GW, we just don’t know and we don’t know whether they quit the game.
Honestly I think the number might be higher than 3, I believe we’ve had turnover of 7, but we know 3 left due to GW.

I understand that people leave guilds ALL THE TIME in this game, but when you’re a top guild, it’s not like there’s a lot of room above.

We are a casual guild, we never care how anybody does each week in GW and we don’t care (per se) about seals or trophies. If you give gold, you’re good.
So there’s absolutely no pressure from the guild, any stress is between the game and the player.


From my point of view having been in tier 1 and tier 60+, it’s much, much better in the lower tiers. I’m in tier 16 this week and it’s again getting to the point were I just can’t be bothered with the frustrating monotony of the whole thing.

We’ve been hovering between Tier 6 and 7. It’s generally not a problem here. It seems to be more a problem with particular guilds than particular weeks (i.e., some guilds seem to go all-in with the troll defenses while others do not). I think it’s largely a problem for the top 30-50 guilds and otherwise not a problem at all.

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Match Masters, pvp rank 3, bracket 1, has also lost 3 people who have left the game citing Guild Wars specifically as the reason. We, like the op, have a relaxed attitude to GW so once again the “stress” would appear to be self induced. Nonetheless I (as GL) have recently taken steps which enables/encourages our members to approach their wars in a manner which isn’t stress inducing. We shall see how it goes :grinning:


It may be 10% of people within the top 30 guilds or so, but you have to factor in the many lower tiers. I don’t see too much quitting due to GW at bracket 6. We had someone leave for a smaller guild who doesn’t focus on GW, but that’s not quitting the game.

It’s bizarre to me that someone would play hundreds of matches a week of PvP and then quit over 5/day of GW. It’s a drop in the bucket relative to their total gaming experience…


In my opinion people are suffering from burnout due to the relentless schedule of Guild Wars (only 1 day off each week)
I think the feature would have been better received if it wasn’t so frequent. Right now you have to play basically every day if you want to help your guild win a battle and receive the XP+seals daily bonus.

If a Guild Wars schedule would have been 2 (or even 6) weeks long, there would be less urgency to play these battles every day, examples:

2-week schedule (2 days for each colour)
War 1: Tuesday and Wednesday
War 2: Thursday and Friday
War 3: Saturday and Sunday
Rest day: Monday
War 4: Tuesday and Wednesday (Week 2)
War 5: Thursday and Friday (Week 2)
War 6: Saturday and Sunday (Week 2)
Rest day/prepare new schedule: Monday (Week 2)

6-week schedule (one week for each colour)
War 1: Week 1, starting from Tuesday
War 2: Week 2, with Monday as rest day
War 3: Week 3, with Monday as rest day
War 4: Week 4, with Monday as rest day
War 5: Week 5, with Monday as rest day
War 6: Week 6, with Monday as rest day/prepare new schedule


It is completely different. The GW battles require a lot more attention and thinking than PVP and induce a lot more stress.


Exactly so.

PVP: AI gets a first turn cascade that fills Kerberos and it devours your mana-generator. sigh retreat, start another fight
GW: AI gets a first turn cascade that fills Kerberos and it devours your mana-generator. RAGE


AI gets first turn cascade and proceeds to skull spam your entire team to death.

I’m going to need a stronger word that rage.


When I lost a battle last week, my son jumped and asked me what he had done wrong. :smiley:


only 3?
I think you are lucky.

I lost at least 6 people that I’ve not seen more in game, and I’m sure they are going to be more in the future.
Something must change is this GW, so many people are quitting the game.

Some of the members I lose were level 1000+ so they are also quitting long-time players.
Sad times for GoW.

And I’m not talking about the high number of issues that we have every week.


Yes, but you’re talking about 30 out of, what, 300 battles/week for many of these people. It’s a fraction of your “gaming experience”.

Our guild has lost a number as well, but on a personal note my enthusiasm for the game has dropped significantly. I only play about 25% of what I did just 3 weeks ago and I do not see that improving. GW changed the tone of this game completely. Where a loss never truly mattered much to it hurting you and everyone you associate with. This was not a good idea in my opinion.


We had 6 quit.
And then we recruited 6 more.
I don’t see the problem here…


I’m in a top tier guild and have played this game for coming on 3 years. The problem is that GW is adding too much stress to my daily life and if the Devs aren’t going to listen and change this I’m going to be part of the quitting for good stat. And I’m someone who is VIP 13 because I am a big spender on this game. So devs, pay attention, paying customers are unhappy with the crappy stress GW produces. Please reduce the frequency or get rid of it altogether. I have yet to see anyone claim that it’s the only reason they play the game and they’d quit if it goes away.

GoW Devs, I’m sorry you spent so much time making a dud but the people are speaking and Devs would be good to listen to these complaints because if top tier players are quitting after years of playing you are looking down the barrel of a game that should not have any stress inducing features added because it is after all a casual game. People who want competition can go to a real game with real PVP like Hearthstone… which admittedly I quit because the stress of winning and losing in that game was too high for me.


I used to play primarily Monday to Friday then take a break from the game on the weekends. Now I have to play GW on Saturday and Sunday or i let the guild down.
There are some players that love GW, a few that hate it enough to leave the game entirely and the rest are likely somewhere in between and are kind of ambivalent about it. Or the novelty is wearing off already. Who knows


If I were the dev’s, I would disable GW mode until they can come up with a better idea.

This game went from Casual fun, to Hardcore.

If you think participating in GW is casual fun, your out of your mind. Creating mono colored teams against super cheese is like trying to crawl up mount Everest on your hands and knees. Will some be able to accomplish this? Sure!

Is this mode actually healthy for the game? I think not! It tries to change the Casual gamer into a Hardcore.

Locking new troops and good prizes behind this mode is probably what has turned people off the most.

I’m not the only person who feels this way, if you also agree GW in its current form is CANCER for the game, please let the dev’s know.

I would like to see this game succeed, for me it was a casual match 3 with a little strategy when I started 1.5-2 years ago. Now it has become a daily 5 match grind that feels like getting a root canal.


I’m the opposite. I’d lost interest b/c PvP was super boring and monotonous and now it’s finally interesting again and makes me remember why I liked the game in the first place.

I feel like a lot of the super end-gamers have been holding out hope for GW for a while expecting it to somehow magically transform the game and when it didn’t they left. But I’m not convinced it could’ve ever delivered what they wanted.


yes no problem
But some of them be here for months, we make friends here.

This is the sad part.