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Is Wraith too strong?

Yeah I’ve especially noticed that with Mab. Not sure what the story is there.

I’ve also noticed spells tend to wear off faster with certain troops too. It doesn’t happen often enough for me to have any real patterns or data, but I’ve definitely noticed some troops throwing off frozen quicker than others. I’m not talking about cleanse either. Is that just random?

That is how non-poison debuffs work. You have a hidden counter which is turns since you were debuffed. The chance for all non-poison debuffs to wear off is that counter * 10%. Whenever ANY non-poison debuff is applied, that counter is reduced to 0. Poison is a separate beast since it never wears off naturally.

I tested this out by using a build with a bunch of “On 4 match” effects and The Silent One. By constantly applying stun/frozen it kept silence from wearing off.


Too me it’s annoying when I entangle Wraith and BD fires off allowing the Wraith to still place a DM. Then I lose my first troop (usually Sylvi) on my next turn. So, I definitely agree that he should not have DM as a common. Chill Touch makes sense and life drain could make sense as well, but not instant death.

You’re wrong on this one, my friend.

The powerful status effects that happen on hit with Wraith are the tradeoff he gets for his spell being a gigantic, useless POS.

Oh are you assuming I mean he should still have Death Mark? He absolutely should not.

That is why I proposed the question above, should the devs even give him a good spell? He’s a common after all. There’s tons of commons that never see the light of day. Why is he so special?

For newer players, or honestly was he just never a problem til now? With the skull spam teams.

It’s fine if they give him another useful spell, just not one THIS useful. :joy:

If spell application for skull damage is to be allowed in this game, then fine give that to a legendary or mythic. Not a common. Imo

Actually does anyone know when he entered into the game? He screams to me a troop that got released in the early stages of the game where there weren’t many troops and they tried to differentiate each one. He seems like a result of that. Too strong but there weren’t many troops around. He has just been untouched since.

Or does such a list even exist that shows when troops were released?

June 5th, 2016


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I’m not trying to be Mr Poopy Pants here, but I truly don’t see the objection. There are multiple effective counters, and frankly I think he’s a complete waste of a troop in 1st given that he’s so rubbish and easily neutered.

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Oh you know you’re opinion is valued, lol. You’re not being Mr. poopy pants. I agree with you, this one isn’t an issue of easy/hard or even game balance. I just brought it up because the Devs acknowledged they are going to be fixing some troops soonish, and this one doesn’t make sense.

Obviously there are plenty of troops that could make the list before him, but the numbers don’t add up Mason. It irks me.

It’s beyond cheap. If he lost Death Mark I wouldn’t even call that a nerf. It’s more like he should have never had it to begin with. Which is why I titled this thread, “a fix.”

Well actually it’s fine if he keeps Death Mark, I mean he is a wraith so I understand, but it’s the way he applies DM.

Ive been reading this thread and have enjoyed it. Some very creative ideas above… especially the “Magic Mark” idea to double spell dmg. Brilliant! :wink:

But regarding Wraith specifically, I believe the real problem is not with him being OP in the scope of the game. As @KrudlerTheHorse points out, he is easily taken care of, however…

As @HKdirewolf has pointed out and to which I must agree, his particular combination of traits makes him feel clearly more valuable for his base rarity (Common), and therefore he feels OP when compared to his peers.

Maybe that will help to clarify…

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I can see that point. Is there any way to see a list of commons in their basic form? Now I’m curious to see what other commons are too big for their britches lol

edit: Duh me … http://ashtender.com/gems/trooptable?sort=rarity-desc

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I honestly dont know, I would suspect that @Lyya has somewhere on her amazing site to find that info, but I don’t delve deep enough to discover those secrets.

Really, there is no other Common that I would even consider utilizing at end-game and that kind of is all the answer I need to know that he offers too much comparatively speaking. There was a time when Goblin may have fit this bill but he scales appropriately by late game, just doing an annoying pin prick…

EDIT: I posted this before @KrudlerTheHorse edited his post above!! Great minds, right @KrudlerTheHorse? :wink:


How do you think it would work out if he keeps Death Mark but not in a trait, a spell. He can then keep frozen as a trait, and maybe bump up his cost a little to keep things sensible?

Wouldn’t want people being able to cast DM for cheap.

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If there was a chance to counteract it, it wouldn’t matter when it was applied. Death Mark wasn’t an issue when it had a 2 turn ramp because you could always cure it.

The BS griefy-ness of having it proc first turn with no opportunity to avoid is pure cheese.

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That’s true and they could go that route, but then they wouldn’t just be nerfing wraith. They’d be nerfing Death Mark.

and to my knowledge not many have complaints about DM. I started a thread about Death team-building, and a lot of people said they don’t even use it because it’s not consistent enough. That doesn’t scream OP to me.

I see Maw all the time. He’s far from dead.

BOTH need to happen IMO.

After re-reading a bunch… is this basically not wanting the application of DM to effectively have a 10% chance to assassinate? Because if that’s the underlying issue, hey-ull yeah I’d like to see that !!

No that was never the intention of this thread. The few people that had a problem with it before brought it over here. Which is fine, I asked the community. Whatever solution seems best to everyone.

Ofc a nerf to Death Mark would fix everything.

The reasons Wraith is used:

  1. Death Mark on Skull-Hit
  2. Death Mark on Skull-Hit
  3. Death Mark on Skull-Hit

Which is what makes him used so much with Courage and BD. So that means 2 possible fixes to people. Either remove DM on Skull-Hit or nerf DM. :unamused:

I want to share my team with you but I don’t want to either lol…

What I meant in my earlier comment was that I wish DM would NOT have the 10% chance to assassinate on-hit which it effectively has now. That alone would fix what I consider to be the underlying, broken issue with DM itself.

Oh so you just want some sort of buffer room, as in DM should never have the chance to kill on first turn?

I’d be okay with that change to Death Mark, but Wraith would still need to be fixed. IMO He’s still too cheap to have that opportunity.

And please share your team with me. I’m down to try new things. I know you heard that about me.