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Psion, the camera prank

This thread is laughable. Reread the first post. His claim to nerf or remove it was because he’s bored fighting the troop. Not that it was overpowered, just he sees it a lot. Even made the point of saying it was easy to deal with. So no suggestions were needed on how to deal with this “menace” or that the card really is so overpowered.

He was bored fighting it and rather than either hitting the refresh button or picking a different trophy fight because heaven forbid anyone fights something other than 3 trophy in ranked (oh hush you 1 trophy Bombot casuals… You’re just farming the gold :wink: ) he instead had to come here and say how unfair many people want to run the meta team…

Just as people complained about always facing goblins… And always facing webspinner… And always facing Queen Mab… And still always facing Queen Man because of Justice… And whatever else the next meta will bring because there’s always something a huge number of people will run because it works better than not and they’d rather have the wins rather than the chance for revenge fights.

And then the standard yeah he needs to be nerfed so this would be fair / your just wrong he’s fine as he is endless circle that comes up anytime cries nerf on anything popular and successful.

Go ahead, comment away… Flame me if you want if you think I’m sounding arrogant in my response. The song is just an endless tiring one and not a very good one either.

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Yeah that the main difference between you and me: you totally don’t care about X% of the playerbase. You want to believe that your “hardcore gamer” playstyle is the standard one.
Of course, casual players could not take part to the PVP leaderboard or the GW. But I believe that it will only show that this kind of players is not welcome in this game.

Psion not only drains mana but he steals it. Only 7 mana means that invaders could cast after at least one lucky turn which semms to me an enough punishement. But it’s only my point of view.

What do you mean by “large cost spells”? Only the Mythics? Legendaries too? Quite limiting your choice.

But yeah I know your kind of answers: “you shoud use that or that…”.
So if there is Psion, I should put a low cost caster. And if there Famine, a drainer. Etc. So in fact, I have to play according to the defense and uses not an Invade team but a counter-defense one.

With the new RNG/AI, it becomes more difficult to “don’t care” about the defense teams so it became less acceptable to leave some troops too much powerful.

And some players don’t care about team building like you. So yeah they can just find another game, but I’m not sure it will be good for this game health.

I was talking about when a player does an action and then a new skull is dropped so that AI can do a 3-skulls. No about AI having a 3-skulls drop.


Whats your defense team?


Dwarven Gate
Lord Ironbeard
King Highforge
Lady Ironbeard

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That is the design intent of the game and it’s asymmetrical balance. It’s rock, paper, scissors and you get to see what the opponent is throwing. At least that’s how I’ve always seen the game and how it’s designed. Maybe i’m wrong.


I will agree if “Scout” didn’t exist. I mean it’s like rock, paper, scissors where you can see what the other player is going to play… It’s easy to win with paper when you know that your opponent is playing rock…
So in fact it’s quite ironic: players who want difficulty are also the fans of the counter teams. So yeah it’s easy to win with the best counter.

Some players maybe don’t know but Scouting was added one year after the game release (patch 1.0.7 apparently). Without knowing the enemy team, no “use this troop” advice possible.

Will you have the same point of view if we didn’t have Scouting?

I don’t agree that Psion or any other annoying card should be nerfed or deleted but facing the same build over and over does get annoying. Refreshing is not a solution when you get offered same builds either. Sometime you get to fight the very same player 2 matches after you’ve fought him.

The issue is not scouting the issue is being offered similar builds to fight over and over.

Noooooooooo then people will want to nerf my salad! I love my salad and dont want him harmed!

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You know what I meant, we not much of whinerdogs mate!!

i’m still asking myself, what is the camera the op was talking about?


It was a Nikon B500…

One of many such shows (Wikipedia has an entire category dedicated to them)

YES!!! At risk of starting an argument here i cant help but say you have stumbled upon the exact answer to the “problem”! In just about any contest where there is an opponent both sides (when one isnt controlled by ai) battle to counter their opponent and counter their opponents counter and then counter-counter the counter… Sounds stupid i know but its true.

When the contest involves player vs. Ai the rules change a bit. The ai cant exactly counter… It has to work with what it has and since the player chooses the battle (presumably after scouting for best option) it is incumbent on the player to counter the obstacle set before him/her.

The easy answer is this, there is a reasonable counter to EVERYTHING in this game for anyone willing to put in the effort and clever enough to build it… I have 26 team slots and im sure many have more and those should be utilized to counter any build that is swamping the meta!

So the dont be lazy argument applies here. As for the argument of “new players cant counter the meta” how many new players are consistently fighting the meta without actively seeking it out?

Tl;dr yoda says “counter the counter and counter again”

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And with that, i shall take my leave of this thread…

Why, its an very entertaining thread? I had some great laughs here.

Well because i just know this is going to lead to ppl calling me a troll and stupid and my opinions dont matter even tho i was not confrontational with my post. And next thing you know someone is gonna start flagging posts and the thread will be locked and i dont need that irritation in my life… I have said my peace and im out

Dont fear the soft club. how many times do I have to tell you this???

No fear just no more patience for it

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To counter you often need to trait a troop till 2nd or even 3rd slot. If you mean resistances or effects that either slow or weaken the enemy.
Although I don’t know what resistances help vs mana reduction and devour.
Or what spells. Shield?

I have many team slots too, but the troops that are fully traited are way not enough to fill even the half of that.

So, nice speech but one has to go with what one has available ^^

P.S.: But I also don’t complain about Psion or the other mana reduction dudes.
Devour is what I dislike. With Psion or even Famine (Famine, pffft… Mab annoys me more) I know what happens but devour (and similar effects)… it’s too random. At least deathmark is so weak (such a bad trigger chance), I don’t care about randomly getting death marked xD