Traitstone cost in Pictures


Our cartomancers and explorers gathered here a lot of information from the world of Krystara.
Still a lot of research remains to be done: kingdoms to explore, new unknown creatures, but we continue our research and share them with you.

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Trollolololol (06/11/2017)

This week, a new troop was discovered in the kingdom of Drifting Sands

  • Desert Troll


update 06/11/2017



Adana √

Blackhawk √

Blighted Lands √

Broken Spire √

Darkstone √

Divinion Fields √

Dragon’s Claw √

Drifting Sands √

Forest of Thorns √

Ghulvania √

Glacial Peaks √

Grosh-Nak √

Karakoth √

Khaziel √

Kethar √

Leonis Empire √

Maugrim Woods √

Mist of Scales √

Pan’s Vale √

Pridelands √

Silverglade √

Stormheim √

Suncrest √

Sword’s Edge √

Whitehelm √

Wild Plains √

Zhul’Kari √

Extra Troops:

Class of Hero:


update 06/11/2017

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Traitstone costs 1.0.8

I love it so much, thank you for this.


Very nice :slight_smile:

Also, why is Royal Engineer with 3 Celestials? I believe that is wrong.


Yep @Tacet, i see the mistake and corrected :wink:


The fact that you could take one look and immediately pick that out is so impressive.

Tacet my friend… sometimes I think you know waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much about this game :laughing:


Are these what the specific troop needs to be FULLY traited?
If so, wow this is amazing!


Thank you so much for doing this, @KAYA43V3R! This is exactly what I was hoping for, and I’ll always be grateful for your infographics!! :heart_exclamation:


Looks great!

You’ll have update every time we get a new Troop though :wink:


I think @KAYA43V3R realizes that. :stuck_out_tongue: Personally, I’m looking forward to the next kingdom infographic! :raised_hands:


I hope so, because that’s how 90% of Community Guides die, not updated enough or at all


I think the only reason @KAYA43V3R stopped updating the previous iteration of this guide is because @Lyya’s awesome site came out, and other people created useful tools that did similar things, and more!

Personally, though, I prefer looking at pretty graphics instead of charts (no offense to chart makers!). Which made me post a pathetic plea for a continuation in the old thread! So, I hope Kaya will keep going with this! :hugging:


Yep, it was the reason @Vriska

Be sure i’ll update pictures (there’s some space ;))


Amazing info graphic! Nice job.


You’re so industrious, Kaya! If anyone would put in the effort to keep these images up-to-date, it’d be you :smiley:


Sword’s Edge Added :slight_smile:


The things you guys/gals do with computers amaze me. Awesome!


Wow, great stuff @KAYA43V3R

Hey @sirrian @Nimhain give that girl (guy? person) some goodies…


It is a guy. Proud member of Marthos Guardians :wink:


Well done Kaya! :relieved:


Ghulvania added :slight_smile: