New Player Question: Card upgrade costs


I am curious about this one, as I read this post a bit ( and here is something that confuses me.

When I have a white card the first bonus costs like 10+4 of the lowest two stones to unlock.

But what if I have 6 of that white card and upgrade it to green? does it still cost 10+4 then or does the green cost apply from now on?
If the latter is true, it’s like shooting yourself if you upgrade any cards before you unlocked the cheapest possible bonus skills!

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Cost remains the same always.


phew good to know - Thank you :slight_smile:

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dont worry about the order of developing your troops :slight_smile:

you can ascend, level up and unlock traits on troops in any order and the respective costs will be always the same for each of the respective actions

Aye sir, the trait costs are all based on the base rarity of any given card. Therefore, feel free to ascend them as much as you can.

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