"Coming Soon" - 10 stars in wich year?

I’m just curious about when will be able to reach 10 stars ?

Some History:
The kingdom power stars appeared on the 12/17/2015 with patch 1.0.8
The 8th star appeared with the release of Necrezza 03/31/2017.

Currently, only Khetar has 15 troops. Maximum possible 3650 points
The 9th star is at 3800 points.
So in your opinion, in how long for the 10th?

I guess 12.12.2024 :slight_smile:

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Soon ™

(10 char)


When stars first appeared I remember a post about getting all the kingdoms maxed out (5 was max then) and someone saying something like “yeah, in late 2018”. The first person to get there (ie. 5-star all the possible kingdoms) have done that AFAIR about half a year later (mid 2016). I hope your estimation is as accurate as the one I just mentioned :wink:

A Kingdom event is slightly less than twice a year now (on average), usually with one troop, sometimes 2 or even 3. Add to that Mythics, GW troops and an odd Mongo - my guess is every Kingdom will get about 2.5 - 3 troops/year (still on average of course). AFAIR it takes 20 to get to 10 stars (at least that’s expected value), so my guess is first 10* in about 2 years. We’ll see - and I definitely hope it’s sooner than that :slight_smile:


2018 :stuck_out_tongue:

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