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A New Mythic Approaches - Wulfgarok

i’ve made 50k souls in 1 day before…but i guess thats not much of a comparison since i am a robot :sunglasses:


I’ve said it would be for a maxed out player. I’m not maxed out but my kingdoms are half at 5* half at 7*. My avarage soul for tributes is about 400-500. 10 tributes a day results in 5k a day: 35 a day just from tributes. +5.9 souls from guild tasks. +troops you can disenchant that you get from all the keys you get to open, which results in something like 10k more souls. So that’s about 51k souls without playing any pvp. Depending on the team you use, you can farm a lot of souls. I personally don’t get 100k a week, but probably end up between 50-70k. And more active players probably earn those 100k and maybe even higher - depending on the team they use, and we’ll their vip level too.

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This explains a lot.

this is a neat idea.

Does anyone know what the original kingdoms were at game release? I consider myself an oldtimer here but I starting playing waaaay back when Bone Dragon was a new Glory Pack troop, about a year after original release? Perhaps make those Kingdoms a Core Pak.


Think Stormheim and Maugrim Woods were the first and second new kingdoms…

  1. Adana
  2. Broken Spire
  3. Divinion Fields
  4. Forest of Thorns
  5. Ghulvania
  6. Karakoth
  7. Khaziel
  8. Khetar
  9. Mist of Scales
  10. Pan’s Vale
  11. Pridelands
  12. Sword’s Edge
  13. Whitehelm
  14. Zaejin
  15. Zhul’Kari

Maybe when we get 30 kingdoms (not counting Apocalypse and Guardians and Primal) we can have a 50/50 split.

So I already said my point of view about the low damage of this Mythic. But there is another problem: Devour can target Impervious troops… it’s just horrible. Is it possible to change that?
Else, Maw is better and more reliable than this troop…

So your saying this troop shouldn’t have a counter?

Wulfgarok can devour stealthy troops which Maw can’t (unless last target or all stealthy).


Agree that the damage is a bit low for that huge mana cost, but can’t agree on your second point. Impervious is there to counter the devour mechanic, this one shouldn’t bypass that (or deliberately target something else)

I tested it and it seems that this troop is a nice Epic troop (not Legendary because Maw seems more powerful). But not a Mythic one…

For me it’s due to two things:

  1. low damage: if he doesn’t Devour this guy does 24 damage for 24 mana. The bonus for Wargare should not make him useless without it.

  2. low probability to Devour: my point about Impervious was more about that. He will not become OP if we can choose the Devour target or if the spell avoids Impervious troops.
    And I don’t agree about the counter argument: Impervious is not really a counter because he can’t stop him to Devour. It block Devour to eat one specific troop (ie the owner of the trait). Okay, you can use 4 Impervious troops and so you somewhat “counter” Devour. But I prefer to see Mana drain and Silence as counter.

  3. if someone want to put it in front because he can self-boost his attack, he will block 3 colors.

So my suggestion to reslove 1),2) and 3) is to boost damage and make his spell a one-shot one ;-).


can’t do this as we also choose the damage target, and no spell has two choices, and the UI almost certainly can’t cope with it

nope, not necessary or balanced

he currently works much better as a giant front troop beat-stick than as a rear of team damage dealer

I use him out front where his large attack (39 in my team) allow him to quickly bring troops into range of his spell damage.

Me too, until I have to fight them and get pissed off all over again.

Devs really need to fix the drop rate. Why in the hell would I shell out money for gems when we see people repeatedly piss away the equivalent of hundreds of dollars and come up empty handed?


Language, Timothy…

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@sirrian @nimhain why does Wulfyrock’s Impervious trait flash up when an ally Forest Guardian casts its spell?

Impervious = also immune to Barrier? perhaps

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Except it isn’t, the Barrier does get applied… rather odd…

True, but just like Stealth greying out your own troops when you cast a buff, there are some odd status and targeting bugs in the system.

Over time, it sounds like some of the ways the development teams needs to work around the Apple rules, means we get some odd implementations of things that seem very straight forward.

The Hearthstone comparisons are bad. It has a very different economy. Yes, it has a pity timer, and yes, you can craft cards, but you also get roughly 5 cards total every 3 days. And it has way more cards than Gems does (The expansions in Standard, alone, account for about as many cards as in Gems; Basic + Standard is roughly 380 cards, which adds another 1.5x the amount that Gems has). You also have to pay $20-$30 every other update if you want those cards, and you have to have those cards if you want to be really competitive.

I’m sure the devs would be happy to include a pity timer and crafting in exchange for giving out a total of 110 gems, max, per week, and converting everyone to a yearly sub of $50.

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