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A New Mythic Approaches - Wulfgarok

Originally published at: http://gemsofwar.com/a-new-mythic-approaches-wulfgarok/
The first Wargare has returned to Maugrim Woods.

New Mythic Troop: Wulfgarok

First the Forest Guardian was seen, and now his master Wulfgarok has appeared. The Wargare speak of this as an omen, though whether for good or ill, their Druids have not decided.

Wulfgarok is the ancient ancestor of the Wargare people; they speak his name reverently, as if he were a God. Many believe that his return is a sign that the Wargare should rise up and fight alongside him to conquer the neighboring lands.

Wulfgarok will be the only Mythic Troop available from Glory, Gem, Guild & VIP chests for the next 7 days.

Please note this Troop is currently only available to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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I dont understand the spell, it saying boosted by wargare allie but what? Health , attack, defense??

Also if enemy die he devour another? That look overpowered a little bit

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The damage is boosted. 4 more points of damage for any Wargare ally (himself included, I guess).

And if i put 4x wulfgarok they will get +20 att and +20 magic?

It’s probably boosted by number of Wargare Allies, like how the Dragon Soul is boosted by the number of dragons on your team. Unless the boost is a whole lot, it seems like he’d be more likely to be underpowered than overpowered- having to get 24 mana and then hold onto it until something is nearly dead just to get a random devour doesn’t sound worth it IMO.

Additional theorycrafting: teams are usually single-target/skull spam, or AoE. If an AoE team reduces down someone low enough to nearly die, that means the whole enemy team is probably close to dead, so the devour’s not going to be worth much- you’re basically just finishing off two near dead enemies for 24 mana. A single target or skull spam team is hopefully doing enough damage each time it casts to completely wipe out its target, which means you won’t have any near dead bad guys around to finish off with Wulfy.



This’ll be the first Mythic I don’t get…ran outta resources :confused: Ah well!

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Something must be wrong with sirrian picture we can see it is level 15 and 25

So 4x wargare will put him at 45 att and 39 magic

Same for me. First missing mythic. 1000 gem keys were not enough.

On the picture, the left image takes his 3rd trait into account… So without it, he only do 14 damage…

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460 gem keys spent, 3700 gems and 2600 glory keys spent, no new mythic. See you on the other side, I go kill myself…

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You are right but this is for level 15, so level 20 should be 18 damages +kingdom magic bonuses

But if you got 4x wargare it will deal 33 damage + magic kingdom bonus

I got it and tried it.

@sirrian I think it’s bugged? Twice I killed with its spell and the devour effect didn’t happen. Could it be rolling to devour the troop I just shot dead?

Anyone had it work yet?

Also: Invigorate trait is rubbish…

Edit: I tried a few more times, and:

  • did see it roll and try to devour (but an impervious behemoth so failed, but did see the impervious trait flash up)
  • several times it didn’t seem to roll (so maybe it IS trying to hit the troop that just died)
  • still haven’t managed to eat anything with it!

Also also: Wargare troops have no utility so seems very hard to make this really work. I look forward to a @tacet video showing how it should be done…

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Yes so far all times I’ve cast for the kill he has devoured.

I find he ok at this stage. His high attack brings most troops (unless stoneskin etc) into range of his spell depending on team comp.

Hero Warden class should be a Beast/Wargare to benefit him.


Forest Guardian

Have slotted in Wardens Gauntlets into a team as well for the mana gen instead of Kerberos. But I love the double devour going on. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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happy forum bd :birthday: and please do not kill urself even if you are a manticore and ppl want to nerf you hugs


For anyone that’s waiting with bated breath.

Winter Imp’s are in the chests now. (Got a few in my attempt at the new mythic. No dice, for the record.)

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yeah i can confirm got winter im as well today

Very cool character and art!

Is it based on anything like a mythical creature or something? I saw someone that I commission do something that reminds me of it about a month ago.

I’m in the same boat as some - 2100 glory keys, 200 gem keys and 3400 gems spent on vip chests and no mythic. On the bright side I did fully trait my last troop. Now I just need Wulfgarok and the Venom arcanes to trait him. Maybe after the reset. :cry:


Update: went wrong again:

  • I’d killed enemy troop 1
  • cast Wulfyrock and killed enemy troop 2
  • devour jaws animation appeared on enemy troop slot 1 (as if devouring troop 1, but nowt there)
  • so nothing happened

@sirrian @nimhain

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The first time I used him he failed to devour on the first kill but did on the second. A few more games in and working ok, but have just had a game where there were two troops left, killed one but the remaining troop (famine) did not get devoured.
Definitely something wrong with him.
Maybe he has indigestion.