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Gems Of War Chronicle

This list I made might help: http://gems-of-war.wikia.com/wiki/Events


There are really all on this wiki, I don’t know what you bring as a new post to help community
I invite all new or older to visit this Wiki
Beautiful innitiative of @MrSammy, and thank you to everyone who brings their help

I think you can also see old patch notes on the page for the game in the store.

New version for this Time scale.

complete with the help of Nimhain

Enjoy :slight_smile:

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Excellent… but whoa, spoilers of upcoming timings in there…!

yep, but we already see this troop in game…
sorry for this spoil, I forget this…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Do you have confirmation on the ordering of the next few troops, or is that speculation?

Also, that’s a crazy-long sword at the bottom. What is this, a Final Fantasy game?

ho…all picture provide from the game…just recast :smirk:
and what can i say…

Ah. I see where the data’s coming from, now. Clever. :wink:

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Mmm, Sylvasi. I think that was the evend when I first started playing

@Kaya Thank you. It’s very nice chart. :slight_smile:


In order to do something nice to look at, would you have some remarks, improvements …?
I am currently trying to update and make some changes.
And with this time scale, can we predict the release of “Death” on 07/29/2016 …? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Might i suggest that we “do nothing” -king boomie
Every thing looks fine.

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So new version, some changes, hope it please you :slight_smile:

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Hmmmm, I’m thinking, it’ll be nice to see arcanes traitstones that could be found in the rewards events.
Can someone say when this arcanes traitstones appears in rewards…?
I’ve an idea, but not sure

Exactly when I got involved. I wasn’t good enough to start affording the weekly event troops until Bul Tauros. I sat out an entire patch because it crashed my game and I had to wait for a patch to do PvP because it crashed my client so that’s the main reason I’m 600 levels below you.

Nice timeline, thanks for this.

I missed a few more of the original events than I remembered. The first one I was there for was Grave Danger, but I couldn’t afford both treats, so I went with the weapon over the troop. Little did I know the Grave Knight would take a year to show up in one of my chests (still worth it - I’ll probably never have all troops, but I do have all weapons, at least). ^^

A new version of this time scale. I try to add arcane traitstone and rarity color

Hope it please you.

If you have any suggests, let me know :slight_smile:


Anointed One had brown/purple traitstone despite the red/blue color. It was the first troop of the new format that we are familiar with now.