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Leonis Empire Appears!

If you want these, don’t get event chests right now. They are still set for the weekly event, Divinion Fields, so you’d get a lot of Herdmaster and Orion. Glory keys have all the Rare to Legendary and Gold keys have the Common and Rares. I’m going to guess next week will be the Leonis event week, and the event chests will have a higher concentration of Leonis Legendary and Epics.

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Yes she is meant to work with Skulls.


There’s a second troop . Brown i believe

Love the way this kingdom looks and it’s lore. This game is soo good.

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That wasn’t even the only line in that quest that jumped out at me… smells like new writers involved…

The current missing troops should be the ones who was released after July 4th:

  • Hellcat and Creeper
  • Dwarven Slayer and Northrender
  • Tal’Rae and Spider Knight
  • Rock Troll
  • Astral Spirit and Moa
    According to @KAYA43V3R’s time scale Gems Of War Chronicle.

It seems that devs have chosen a monthly update of the chests (why?). So, maybe next week or next next week, these troops would be in the chests ;-).

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Oh right I opened a billion chests minus Rock Troll who takes forever to get. Argh.

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I think it may be an Australian-ism
I had that in there originally as placeholder text, but when I removed it, everybody said “No, Leave it in, it made us laugh.”


Yep, thanks, having opened a zillion chests last night, can confirm those were the troops that didn’t emerge…

As soon as I read it I thought “Some original Sirrian text that got past the editors?!” :smiley:

It made me laugh too, but then I’m Australian too.

It definitely works in American English as well.


I’d like the answer to why as well. Seems odd to hold back onadding troops for a full month. That’s an eternity!

Hey @studs… The delay for event troops hitting chests annoys me too, but I totally agree that it’s needed… Or events wouldn’t be eventful and there’d be far less incentive to splash the glory, or play enough to have enough glory this week, or even splash some cash…

I don’t remember when devs said it but they have to add “manually” the troops and that’s why they did it monthly. They were working on an automatic way to add troops and so maybe new troops would be added after each week.
I can be totally wrong so it should be taken with a pinch of salt :slight_smile: .

I’d much rather have them at the end of the week rather than an end-of-month thing - which would be different amounts of delay per troop since it’ll basically be 1/2/3/4 weeks’ delay per event, no consistency…

The pressure to get in on the event is a necessary evil but I think the punishment for failing to be there shouldn’t be ‘you can’t get this for maybe a whole month’. Also I just want to not accidentally burn through chests and miss troops because they’re available yet.

Interesting. I didn’t notice that. A solid support who can also spawn skulls if needed? That’s even better! :slight_smile:

What about the Manticore? Is his spell intended to have a 1:1 Boost Ratio (description says 2:1 but it’s currently 1:1 instead - at least in the Arena)?

Plus Sand Cobra and Pride Guard - not released yet (I didn’t get what Jainus was asking for exactly before, my bad ^^). So, troops may be added manually to both chests and the Arena pool, but these are clearly two separate operations and they’re not done simultaneously.

I ended up seeing Moa in two Arena line-ups last night after my post, so he’s there after all. I definitely saw Spider Knight and Northrender as well (plus Sand Cobra). I also ended up seeing Kopeshi and Lion Prince, so all of the Leonis troops are in the Arena.

I have yet to ever cross paths with Creeper, Dwarven Slayer, or Astral Spirit*, though. Could they be missing? Or just a bit shy? ^^

*Edit: never mind! :smile:

Such beauty and power. We’ve definitely been spoiled in terms of awesome Yellow-Blue female troops, recently! ^^

Really cool looking kingdom, previous one was a little of a let down and for most part only Mab is used. Here a lot of troops have potential. :smile_cat:

Every time I read 2.1 my curiosity sensors go off the charts. .

Never mind. It’s either been fixed or I had hallucinations yesterday. It does work exactly as described now, in any case.

That guy just drained my fully-charged Heroine. He received 4 + [14/2] = +11 attack, so the ratio really is 2:1. I guess my mind couldn’t process just how insane that troop is (even with a purely cosmetic Stun effect attached)… This is just terrifying. :sweat_smile:

And for 9 mana that can be generated through green seer or alchemist.

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