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Leonis Empire Appears!

Originally published at: http://gemsofwar.com/leonis-empire-appears/
The path has opened up to the Leonis Empire. Explore it today!

Drifting Sands Landscape Adjacent to the Drifting Sands lies one of the oldest settlements of mankind in Krystara. The Leonis Empire has been ruled by one Imperial Family after another for many centuries, but all is not well in this ancient kingdom. Meet Amira, the Wargare, and learn more about what's happening in this mysterious land!

Leonis Empire release is available on iOS, Android and Steam versions of the game only.

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Manticore is a pretty nice counter to maw =D This entire kingdom seems anti Maw/Mercy, and I’m ok with that.

EDIT: Will event chests have these guys in them? :o

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Are there only 6 troops or did you withhold some for next week? :slight_smile:

Are the new troops in each of the chests yet?

6 Troops at the moment, more to come in upcoming event.


They are indeed - have at it!

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@sirrian please could you list which recent troops ARE in chests currently and which troops ARE NOT yet in chests?

If they’re visible in the troops menu (under Leonis Empire) they should be available in chests (provided you have the latest update on iOS/Android)

That is:

  • Khopeshi
  • Devoted
  • Lion Prince
  • Manticore
  • Amira
  • Emperor Khorvash

Are Moa or Astral Spirit also available (or any other weekly troops)?

Something is weird with my Leonis’ power score. I am getting double credit for one troop.

Four troops at level five with one trait each. Sounds grand, until…

What’s the fourth troop?

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Quest #4: Prisoners of Society Typo:
Escape fropm the Rebels[...]

I like what I see so far, and I look forward to seeing more! Back to the Quests now!

That new legendary seems awesome!

If anyone has gotten lucky (I didn’t) and fully traited the new legendary let me know how well it works out for you! Seems like it would be effective with Queen Mab, Mercy & Valk

Another typo:

Something wonky when I try to level up Leonis troops–the level up screen won’t appear and I have to cancel out.

Restarting the game has worked for everyone to fix that I think. The server seems to have failed to auto-update a piece of data that is required on that menu

Exactly. I got all the new troops already, but there’s only 6 of them. The Power Level summary shows 7. Probably either The Devoted or Lion Prince is counted incorrectly.

Is it just me or do these all look very powerful?

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was thinking maybe a bat and valk team with him,any ideas? :grinning:

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Just spotted the bug here. Lion Prince is in the Leonis list twice, so he’s giving an extra set of points. We’ll get that fixed shortly.

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a back up option vs all of those Behemoth/Carnex lovers :smiley: or just run it with Mab and you have a complete team again, +it’s a tank (much wow).