DOs and DON'Ts: a plea to Nimhain, Sirrian or the powers that be


Without explaining the obvious or the countless additional pieces of evidence over the years: please @Nimhain , @Sirrian , @PowersThatBe

Get this Community a Mod who has the Skills to Communicate in a way that Doesn’t Cause You To Lose Sales!

See how the community feeling shifted so quickly once you had a single Quality Communication Message (and no, it didn’t have to be ‘we solved the bugs’ to be a Quality Communication, see comments on Recent Game Issues for the immediate positive effect): why do you keep allowing customers to go through this frustration, and your Company to keep losing sales over totally avoidable communication shortcomings?

The evidence continues to speak for itself over the years, and it really seems like a lose-lose situation that only someone among the tagged could resolve, into an obvious win-win.

Here’s to hoping the playerbase doesn’t have to keep going through this periodically anymore.
Thanks for your consideration.
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To be fair to everyone, this is a typical business management problem (esp for software).

Do you have one of your main devs spend the time to come out and explain in the detail required to satisfy customers (taking away time from development),


Do you hire someone to manage the communication - someone that may or may not understand the technicalities and know how to explain effectively but might not know what they can share publicly.

Most game companies seem to be okay with taking the temporary hit resulting from poor communication than to have their top people come out and explain. There are a few exceptions that I’ve seen (ie. the Path of Exile lead and Warframe leads) but it is rare.


This is super important! We (yes, there are those who act entitled and childish, but when I say “we” I mean the forums community at large) don’t expect bugs to be fixed instantly. We don’t expect all the answers to be given instantly. We just want to know what’s up, and why there have been so many issues lately.

This is a good point to make, because people were often really unhappy with Salty too. It’s hard to communicate with a community, thus the need for a solid community manager.


Neither of the mentioned categories includes what we have: mods who don’t care to fix a wrong World Event score in a forum post throughout a whole week, mods who are patronizing and threaten with less communication if customers don’t ‘behave’…

If we at least had someone who knows how to communicate but is out of the main loop (your alleged category B), we’d be light years ahead of the currently situation, and the forums would never feel abandoned, insulted, or betrayed.
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If the problem is the attitude then, well, I just have to point out that they are in Australia… Not really known for their charisma :wink:


Not exactly… Miscommunication and lack of communication are probably the main ones

Nimhain is in Australia too though, AFAIK
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I am not Australian. But their priority is safety over friendliness, I believe. It is more efficient and safe for the mental health of the staff to employ a bot to auto update players what’s going on with each bug report. The customer support managers should just be overseeing the bots.

It is nice to see @Nimhain posting, of course. She knows more about the game over the customer service staff. We will always appreciate her more than the normal staff.

@Kafka and her team might just need more training about how to handle frustrated international customers. Especially the ones from US which is more on friendliness than safety in customer service aspect.


Because US tech giants are renowned for their customer service? Er… no. Let’s not drag nationality into this


In the US court system, the defense can only ask questions based on what the prosecution has asked.

I overrule the objection to discussing Australian tendencies.

Kafka once stated she commented on something based on “The Australian sense of humor.”

The prosecution opened the door, the line of questioning is valid.

Carry on. :rofl:

Obviously I am being sarcastic, but it is true, that is how the court works here.


If 505 cares they should support and train their customer service support staff. If they just fire all the time. Screw 505. I agree with @NerdieBirdie that some players are not happy with Salty too.

The plea should be to 505.

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Devs said clearly why they stop posting here: taking too much of their time and death threats.

The community doesn’t need a Dev to post for the vast majority of the instances: it needs a Mod who Wants and Knows How To mod. Those types of mods get less heat/threats (because of their ability to not trigger the playerbase unnecessarily nearly as much), and can better handle the temperature when it rises, to bring it back down instead of worsen things with unprofessional/patronising interactions…

…and if that means they check forums after office hours because they want to, bonus for all parties.
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Some mods are tyrant. Just banned you if you say something bad. Less heat and threats too. I support educating people and not firing people.

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Definitely not about firing: reallocate to other tasks where they can surely excel, and give the forums a mod that facilitates a win-win scenario.
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i agree with you and i also wasn’t always happy with Salty, too.
but i don’t get why we have now three community managers @Kafka @Jeto @OminousGMan instead of one (i know Kafka was also involved in the past, wasn’t only Salty) showing that they obviously don’t have the soft skills to communicate, communication is worse now than before and then @Nimhain and @Sirrian jump in to cool down the community by showing they obviously have the soft skills…
what does that say about a company when the devs can communicate way better than the community managers?
idk what is going on there behind the curtain, maybe bad internal communication, but my company would fire them and hire new ones…not a fan of this, but that’s reality.

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I think Jeto and G-man are doing a pretty good job.

They’re just not doing much of one.

Maybe they’re part-time, maybe the forums are just a small portion of their responsibilities, I dunno :man_shrugging:

But when they post, thus far, said have been fairly informative, prompt, and (mostly) without the monkey’s-paw-phrasings


Agreed that the new mods haven’t crossed the lines that other mods have. :crossed_fingers:

Indeed, the early signs of low forum dedication/game awareness are regrettably there with e.g. not bothering fixing World Event score despite repeated customer alerts, or claiming that only ‘some players’ were missing a bronze task ( Tasks Issue - #7 by AMT )

Potential reasons/excuses aside, it looks increasingly like the lackadaisical mod approach that has been the norm in these forums for years now.
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This issue has been ongoing for years, so it would of course be naive to expect a resolution within 4 days of the latest iteration (especially with a weekend in between, during which forums are virtually inaccessible by staff), but it is important to highlight how your customers continue to receive this form of treatment: (from Missing Campaign Stars )

All of which are stepping stones towards an eventual breaking point:

This is not new, this has been ongoing for years: I personally stopped spending a couple of years back because of how mods in this forum treat the customers, there is little doubt many others have had a less-vocal similar trajectory, and while it is unclear whether they can be brought back into spending, you surely can prevent future customers from closing their wallets because of this.

We know some of you at least bother trying a faction when it launches:

So hopefully @Nimhain you can at least let us know that this is within your radar, so if it is a company-endorsed way to treat its customers, we can stop hoping for an improvement and set our expectations accordingly (as well as continue to warn newcomers about it to avoid frustrations by all parties).

Of course, it would be preferable for all parties if you could implement the obvious solution to this years-long issue that keeps costing you paying customers, once and for all.
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