Missing Campaign Stars

It feels sort of okay. It allows players to collect all rewards, which is the important part. It still looks like a hack job.



I’m equally frustrated by the lack of communication, but I think the hostility towards Kafka is unnecessary. She’s just reporting on what they’ve fixed. Isn’t this exactly what people are asking for (DEVS you NEED to respond!)? They may not have addressed everything yet, but it’s at least step forward. I don’t see this post as them looking for praise.


The response is P Poor compared to the delays and ignored questions and posts.

They NEED to fix the problems with the PAID for items in this game ASAP! Campaign, Kingdom pass etc.

But I give a thumbs up to the reply.


Well said. The frustration is running high with the insane bug reports recently, but lashing out is only going to make them want to respond less



Are you guys going to get a new community manager? I really think you need one.

I’m glad this got resolved, I’m glad we got a message here - but to leave us hanging is what is mainly making people mad.

You don’t have a solution to something yet? Just say so.

I get you may not want to post “we’re still working on it” every day but someone should be here to check more often and let us know you’re still there.

Doesn’t have to be you, can be anyone…


Hey, in future we will respond at least once a week for larger issues like this to let you know it’s not forgotten about but if people complain that we are replying with no substance or info or complain we’re replying instead of fixing the issue we will stop doing that and only post when we have new information and next time we won’t revert on that stance.


That is great news. That was much needed and I am sure that will be much appreciated.

I am sure that the forum has been a very unpleasant place for you lately with people expressing their frustration, anger and worry in a way that was not always nice and polite.
However I am going to tell you what I already told to Salty in similar circumstances a few years ago.
We are not kids that you should patronise and punish when they don’t behave.
We are customers who deserve the same respect that you and the other members of your team should get.
Most of us are adults who know that problems can’t be solved in a minute by magic and who, I hope, are clever enough not to expect more from the team that what you can do.
But most of us are also professionals.
If I was providing a service of such a poor quality as GoW has been doing these last years, I would lose my clients very fast. Why should I be less demanding than my clients and take what I am given with a smile?
Once again nothing personal here. In the few interactions I have had with you I know that you have always done your best to help. You are probably just happening to have the heavy burden of representing the team currently.


Why is there consequences for complaints?

But zero consequences to the programmers that seed the eventual complaints?

If everyone promises to be nice can we game without bugs and all Mythic troops in chests when they are supposed to be? Or when a player unlocks a mythic troop in a LT… Can all of their guild get the reward besides the sole player?

For YEARS empathy was felt on both sides of the table. If you feel there is a lack of empathy on the developer side then its largely due to seeing the players no longer as people and players. But instead cash crops and those who play for free.

I do miss the days where it seemed like I was the only one complaining on here. But I did my best to alert you and others of the embers I saw.
And now that fires have erupted all over the forest of Krstara. Then please be understanding of the people complaining about the smoke inhalation because our tax money paid for a brigade of fire fighters and yet only half of them are working on putting the fires out here. While the others are hard at work creating fires for an entirely different world (Puzzle Quest 3).

We were promised development on the game wouldn’t effect Gems of War. So if that’s not the reason. Then dare I ask what’s to blame? If Covid is going to be used as the excuse then please don’t waste your words. Because Covid hasn’t dampered the scheduling of monetization with every update. So why would it effect bug fixes or communication with the players?

No one comes to forums for feel goods anymore. Players or devs would have a better chance of finding Arachnaean Weaver in event chests than positive vibes here. But please don’t blame a community for what your game created. If you want positive vibes… Then have Gems of War create it again. I’ll happily return to my role as the sole complainer if ever we can make that happen.


Maybe instead just don’t reply ever. Shut the game down, shut the boards down. 0 hassle. I hope this was written in anger, that you retract it and apologize. The alternative (that it is official policy) is an incredibly bad look for a communications professional.


You know, a great amount of people only read but never write. Some rarely write.

Now they still see how things are handled.

Then there are people who will certainly complain about the lack of new information or about how you’re taking too long.

Others will be glad to hear from you, even if the news are not ideal.

Why did I bring up the silent group?

Because you don’t know their stance.

Now it might just be me but punishing everyone for what some people do seems unfair, and it will also really don’t look good.

Just because people are silent here doesn’t mean they are silent everywhere.

Keep everyone updated, even those who complain because they don’t like what is being said. I know it sucks, and that’s why a designated community manager is such a good thing.

Guess you’re not getting one…


No no no, that’s not right. In a realistic sense, whoever is responding here is different from whoever is fixing the bug. Unless you’re down to three people or something, which you’re not, then that line doesn’t work.

There’s someone assigned to keep the community from* rioting with torches and pitchforks.

There is someone else fixing bugs. (Hopefully multiple somebodies).

PROBABLY! And in the event that for some reason you’re wearing multiple hats (been there, I know how that goes) then making a post to say that its ongoing or you’re aware or whatever takes about 10 minutes a day and nobody gets to complain. But we have heard nothing to say that is the case, because there isn’t communication happening. THEREFORE:

Us rightfully complaining about not communicating has nothing to do with how fast the bugs are fixed. Sorry, not really sorry.

And suggesting cutting back on communication even further because “we” have a bad attitude about how the staff aren’t doing their jobs is the exact opposite of what needs to be done. We have a bad attitude for a reason. Your suggestion and delivery of it are unjustified.

And what is this “at least once a week”??


That “next time” feels awfully revealing: so the radio silence here this time – while the campaign stars bug dragged into the faction weekend and while the next Guild Wars grows ever closer – was a deliberate, and punitive, choice.

That isn’t community management; that’s mushroom farming.


This game needs a full time community manager more than a fish needs water.


A few issues with this:

  1. A week is a very long time in a live service game, especially for a fault in a paid product.
  2. Withholding communication hurts you, the devs, more then us the player. While the players get annoyed by the silence, your bottom line gets affected more if the players stop investing for any reason. Being ignored is a pretty good reason to stop investing.
  3. Could skip a lot of these situations off the rip if things worked the first time around. The game used to be way more polished than its current state.

At least the level of professionalism continues to be consistent: dear customers, you’ve been warned!
:man_facepalming: :vulcan_salute:


Hey Kafka,

I ordered something for delivery. However, the store cannot deliver it on time. So I get this email 2x a week

Today, I received an email to say that it is ready for pick up.

I noticed your title is the “Customer Experienced Manager”. It might be a good idea for you to create a template like that. Your latest comment as a Manager is actually not acceptable. Nothing personal. Just do your job.


An actual solution would be to instead put substance and info in those replies. If that’s not happening there are only two explanations why: 1) you don’t want to or 2) you haven’t actually done anything, and thus there’s no new substance or info

I’m quite confident the actual reason why is #2. I don’t know if it’s because the staff is paying too much attention to other projects or if it’s because you’re outsourcing the work and there’s a delay in getting it fixed or what, but in the end the “why” doesn’t matter. The product is not what it used to be. It has jumped the shark. And that’s why we are leaving.

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Finally some clarity

Hey, in future we will respond at least once a week for larger issues like this to let you know it’s not forgotten about but if people complain that we are replying with no substance or info or complain we’re replying instead of fixing the issue we will stop doing that and only post when we have new information and next time we won’t revert on that stance.

So, basically, if we keep complaining about the lack (and it’s an euphemism) of communication, we’ll have less communication … what a strange community management …it’s childish …
(and btw, CM is a daily work, one reaction per week is not community management, it’s laziness).


I think i just read some parenting guide that said even kids shouldnt be raised like this. Making threats if they dont behave. And i think mass punishments arent tolerated in army either.