Design-A-Troop Competition! (WEEK 3: Spell and Colour)

Deep Shock
12 Red/Blue

Explode 8 random red gems, deal 4+Magic damage to a random enemy, double if enemy is submerged.

Electrified Tentacle Thwap (Blue/Yellow)
Deal X damage to two random enemies and stun them. Explode Y random Yellow gems.

I just wanted to use “Thwap”.

Oh my goodness, I have been slowly reading through this thread all day and now that I’m finally caught up to mine (my post was directly after yours), you and I had very similar ideas! That is too funny.

I lol’d :smiley:

I’m from Sweden and can probably not be rewarded, yet I want to partake anyways:
My card:

Color: Brown/Blue
Troop name: Mint Moray
Mana cost: 12
Special ability: “The Final Mint Chocolate”: Deal 12 true damage to an enemy. Deal double damage if it uses brown mana. If the enemy troop has more than 80 life points it explodes and is killed instantly.

Trait 1: Immune to devour
Trait 2: Deal double damage with skulls to troops that use brown Mana.
Trait 3: Destroy a random green gem on 4 or 5 matches.

A wonderful revenge card against Forest Trolls and overeaten Krakens. :wink:


15 Yellow
Barrier, Enrage, and Submerge myself, then remove all gems of a chosen enemy’s mana color and Hunter’s Mark them.

Recommended trait ideas:
Deals double damage to Monsters.
Returns 25% of skull damage. (“Shock”)
Takes 25% less skull damage. (Is a mech)
Gains 2 Life on 4 or 5 gem matches.
Cannot be targeted. (Stealthy hunter)


Color: Green/Yellow
Spell: Shock Wave Stun the first and last enemies, drain half their mana, and deal 12 damage boosted by collected gold. 4:1

Another One: Queen Mab’s sister:

Troop name: Lady of the Lake
Color: Purple/Blue
Mana Cost: 15
Special Ability: “Water Ward” Enchant the first ally. Remove freeze condition from all allies and give them 8 life. Renders all allies immune to freeze and mana burn until dispelled.

Trait 1: Bonus Mana for blue gem matching
Trait 2: Impervious
Trait 3: Fast

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Why are people posting traits? Why are people posting troop names? Why are people posting legendary/mythic spells?

Ah well, just needed to get if off my chest.


How about just ignoring other stats? The core suggestion is there, but some have so much imagination that they just have to share it. Fantasy usually ignores rules. :wink:

Someone made a topic for that. Once voting closes at the end of each week, you can post your troop idea here:

But I guess you could simply ignore non-spell related words and filter each message. Sorry for being a nitpick :frowning:

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Electric Typhoon: Create 6 Blue & 6 Yellow and deal 3 to all enemies. Double if they use red mana.

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Thank you for bring this up to everyone.:smiley:

its cause spell must fit with the traits, spell or traits alone is like half of the design and half of the utility…

while a spell alone might seem cool or lame, adding appropriate traits to it might turn it around to make completely opposite effect

how are ppl suppose to vote on them separatelly (without knowing the other choices) & make the most awesome combination of it - is beyound me

for example my suggestion, without the traits in it, would seem totally boring, wouldnt it? but with traits its at least balanced (and at least to me with the traits it becomes very cool)
i wouldnt even vote on it myself if i didnt realise what it becomes with the traits

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You are right, but sadly this is the way they decided to run the competition.
That’s why no one voted on a Human-only troop from Maugrim Woods in round 1 either :stuck_out_tongue:

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yeah im aware what part is being voted on

but there is no rule stating you cant post a complete troop design along in your suggestion, so that ppl can know what they might possibly be voting on.

if the human was cool enough with the complete suggestion, who knows i might have voted on it? just human alone surely not…


24 true damage on a brown troop?! This is not a good idea. You’re not countering a meta troop you’re creating one.

My submission:

Mana: 1 red
Traits: Fast, Fast, Empowered
Generate 50 red gems, divided by zero.

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What happens next, The whole board explodes.:laughing: