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Design-a-Troop Winners!

That’s right~! I finally sat down and worked all the thing out, and here are our winners!

However, before we get into that, let’s talk about our community created troop.

Introducing, THE SHOCKTOPUS!

The Shockotpus is a Merfolk/Mech from Blackhawk. Its spell goes as follows: “Octo-Shock - 12 Green/Yellow (Choose a colour. Destroy 8 gems of the chosen colour. Deal [magic+something] true damage to each enemy of that colour.)”

And its traits are:
Trait 1: Deal double Skull damage vs. Submerged troops. (new Fish Eater)
Trait 2: Water Link
Trait 3: Armored
(Please be aware that the Shocktopus is subject to dev balancing.)

And the winner’s are… DRUMROLL PLEASE!

First: @VegaDark541

Second @Doghouse

Third @Goober

Fourth @Jainus

And everyone from fifth to tenth! @Eika @turintuor @AnarchyChampion @Zuboki @Grundulum @Mithran

For those that don’t remember, the prizes are as follows:
1st Place: A Mythic version of the new troop, fully traited & levelled. 1000 Gems.
2nd - 4th Place: A Legendary version of the new troop, fully traited & levelled (to 19). 500 Gems
5th - 10th Place: An Epic version of the new troop, fully traited & levelled (to 18). 250 Gems


Does…does the Shocktopus have friggin’ lasers?

I want round 5 for the flavor text!

(Congrats winners and all runners-up, I’m looking forward to playing the troop!)


I really hope the flavour text just is, This is what happens when you let the community have nice things.


Congrats to all the winners.

@Saltypatra is this going to be a glory pack troop when it is released?

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Well done @VegaDark541 and grats. Good work everyone :sunglasses:


Next up, community design a UI contest!


Congrats to the winners! :tada:


So what’s next? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you all! and congrats to the winners. :grinning:


Thanks Infinity Plus 2 for running this contest and thanks to everyone that voted.

Congratulations :two_hearts: when can we get it from chest?:thinking:

Might be a while. According to http://www.taransworld.com/Spoilers/ , the next two Blackhawk events are a couple of weeks from now (too soon to have the art and assembly finished), and again in 2030.


Best post you’ve ever written.

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It will be a few months. Main delay will be getting the art back from the subcontractors. Then it needs to be coded, and tweaked for balance. Obviously not long is spent on that last part these days :wink:


Thanks everyone! Looking forward to receiving the troop!


Grats to all the winners!
I can’t wait to get my hands on this guy! :wink:

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Congrats to all the winners! I find it slightly amusing that the community was hell-bent on creating a Kraken counter because that’s what the meta was… And then as they announce the winners, they release a troop for double damage versus monsters with a chance at devour.

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Hahahaha! No.

As the winner do I get to come up with the flavor text? :wink:

I’d just like to point out that a shocktopus is more of a Beast/Mech than a Merfolk/Mech. Maybe you guys could make a shocktopus rider or something?
Anyway, gz to winners